A visitor, an intruder and W is for working, wedding and weekend.
Friday, 05.16.2014 - 10:35 pm.

So a week ago I was aching to be home. Consider me a happy gal, I am home right now. Well, I've been home since last saturday night, but last friday and saturday went by veeeeryyyy sssssslooowlyyy, and I was painfully aware of every minute that passed by. I spent most of my saturday on a plane or waiting for one.

Some other things went wrong in the those last two days of my trip, in addition to what I talked about in my last entry (e.g., the hotel overcharged me), but all that was forgotten as soon as I saw Andrew waiting for me outside our apartment.

Right now? I'm neck-deep in work, as usual. Research project aside, I dug my own grave in teaching, scheduling a number of assignments, many of them of individual nature...and I have 41 students. Big n00b mistakes. And these are not "yes/no" assignments, so I also have a hard time grading each student. I'll do better next time.

If there is a next time: if they call me back or if I accept to go back. I've been very unhappy with the subject I'm teaching, because it just doesn't match the name of the course. Then again, the name of the course suggests students should have certain previous abilities and turns out they don't have them. They don't have the background, the program doesn't include those previous courses that are needed. So I'm feeling incompetent because now I think should have structured the course in a different manner, and I'm fearing others (students included) will eventually think I am incompetent indeed.

On much happier news, MY BEST FRIEND PRISCILLA IS COMING TO VISIT! IN TWO WEEKS! We went to school together (we didn't talk much then), we attended university together and after we graduated we became even closer. I saw her for a couple of hours last year, now she's coming for five days. And without her husband, so we'll be free to hang out. Her husband is ok, I just miss hanging out the two of us only. I'm making a schedule already.

A part of me is being cautious though. We haven't seen each other for quite a while and things may have changed. She may have changed, maybe I have without noticing myself. But hey, I say, everybody changes and I don't think it'd be that bad. I highly doubt she's lost that hearty laugh of hers and I'm still, I don't know, whatever I am. We still have a lot to talk about.

I guess that includes Joseph. He's long gone from my daily thoughts, buried deep, but I'm bringing him up right now because I caught a glimpse of his existence on Facebook yesterday. And it's so weird to think he still exists in real life.

A common friend of ours (whom I met through him) was celebrating her birthday and posted something about it. He commented -kind of- on that post. His profile picture was Trent, from Daria. Last time I saw him, he was still the embodiment of that cartoon character, I swear to God. It's uncanny. I got a heartache everytime he showed up on Daria.

Damn...if for some glitch of the universe we were still together, tomorrow would be our 10th anniversary. I can't explain why thinking about that cracks me up.

Anyway, his only comment on the post was "HPB", and I was wondering if he meant "HBD" or he and the friend had a secret language. That was it, and I scrolled down fast to get away from that tiny image next to a name that forces an emotional tsunami upon me. My mind felt disrupted for a few minutes, like I was running in circles with no place to go. I didn't want to think about any of the things he did to leave me so fucked up, and I actually didn't think of any of that. I just felt uneasy, until I got away from his memory by going back to my activities.

I'm sorry, that's the most exciting story I have to tell about this week.

Oh, hell, no, it isn't! Andrew and I went to order our wedding rings today! Stop me if you've heard this before: we're getting our rings made out of Andrew's grandfather "single man" gold ring (yes, it's a thing! Or it used to be). It's Andrew's inheritance from his grandfather so it's a way to keep the gift in the family while putting it to use, instead of having it laying around. It's very meaningful. Also, much cheaper than getting new ones. Screw that, mostly because they're blood precious metals.

Oh, oh, and I got my wedding dressss!!! This is it! (It comes from China, I know! I was just subtly refering to war and slavery conditions in mines and here I am, most likely supporting the same in the fashion industry...just this once, wedding dresses and pretty much any decent dress for the ocassion here were out of my budget. And it fits perfectly!). I'll try to change the white ribbon for a red one, because Andrew and I are aiming for a White Stripes theme...well, pattern. White Stripes patterns for the wedding. Red, white and black.

We'll have a very boring wedding, really, by most people's standards. It's at noon, just a ceremony, a cocktail, lunch and cake/dessert. No dancing, no party, no open bar. But damn, we're both happy with it. We don't dance, we can't entertain people. Going to bed before midnight, that we enjoy, and we'll have that for sure on our wedding night *self-high-five*.

I'll wrap this up and go to bed, I have a weekend full of work ahead of me. Next weekend is Andrew's sister's wedding, in a city that's like five hours away, so we'll be away the whole weekend. And next weekend after that, Priscilla comes! I'm only freaking out because I use weekends to work on everything I can't work on during weekdays. I get no vacations, seriously. I'm 100% working class.

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