The parental units are comiiiing!!! (and an off-putting cameo)
Friday, 06.20.2014 - 10:14 pm.

Today I got the most wonderful news: my parents are coming to my wedding in november!!! It all depends on how my mom is feeling (still dealing with the aftermath of cancer and all) but yeah, that's the plan. I read the first line of my dad's e-mail and I screamed and maybe started crying.

This is the only paragraph I was going to write in here today, but here's this one thing that just happened: I haven't checked my old Yahoo e-mail account in over a month. I'm always logged in so I thought I just didn't have any new mail. I still check it from time to time just in case, one aunt has written me there a couple of times. But mostly it's just spam or notifications I already get at my regular account.

So turns out I was logged out, hence the lack of new e-mail. I logged in to see what's up and I see: "[Joseph's name] is awaiting your reply..." at the top of the list. Something like that. Whaaa? I scrolled down, he sent me a LinkedIn invitation nearly a month ago. And I had two reminders.

It throws me off, seeing that guy's name. It's all so far away now. I don't think he did it on purpose, the system sends an e-mail to your contact list, he probably hasn't noticed he still has me there. But I thought, hey, so he's doing something worthy of being on LinkedIn, good for him.

But of course he is. I only react that way because in my mind he's still 29, without a job or studies and living with his parents, a happily married man. He must have come a long way since then, what with a child and all (even children by now, who knows), and good for him, but I don't want to find out what he's done with his life. It messes with my head and my heart.

Back to what brought me here: my parents are coming! You have no idea, I'd given up on that thought, I even had a period of mourning, of processing the fact that they'd never see in the flesh the home Andrew and I have built.

Well, never say never. In that regard, also: Brother #3 and SIL #3 are expecting their first child, after years (perhaps nearly a decade?) of struggling. SIL is only one month along and they're being cautious but, you know. It's quite likely that I'M HAVING A NEW NEPHEW/NIECE!

And it's my sister's birthday today. So all things considered, I'm just going to leave smiley faces here:

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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