It's 90�F, Jesus Christ.
Sunday, 07.20.2014 - 3:11 pm.

Greetings from my home country. It's too hot and it's as violent and terrible as ever. But on the bright side, I've seen the good side of it, in the form of family, friends and good memories. And we still have a week to go.

Andrew and I have spent most of our time at my parents' home. We helped them schedule their trip to Chile in november and now it's a go. I've also spent time with my sister and nephew #2, Brother and SIL #3. Brother and SIL #1 arrived on friday and I'm looking forward to seeing them more. I've seen a few friends, less than I'd like, but I'm trying not to have a excessively busy schedule, for Andrew. And yeah, ok, for me, too. It can be stressful, going back and forth.

I'm nervous about getting behind the wheel because drivers here are agressive and entitled but I'm getting used to it again. The hotel is pretty basic but it's ok, and a block and a half away from my parents' house.

And I have to cut this short because my dear friend Victor is coming to pick us up and go for a ride, along with his girlfriend. I still have a few people from my list of "essential human beings" that I gotta meet up with. This week is pretty full, with the congress and family meetings (Brother #2 and Nephew #3 arrive on monday!) and errands...but it's all going great.

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