Out with a friend and a new rescue.
Thursday, 08.28.2014 - 6:14 pm.

I went out for lunch with my friend Anita today. She's a psychologist, too, she's getting her PhD right now and is a wonderful therapist; she's really cool and we share many interests. She's the closest friends I have here. My good, close friends are scattered all over the world, from my home country to the USA to Sweden, so it's great to have someone around to go grab a bite with (besides Andrew, obviously).

We had a great lunch and since we both had time to kill before we parted ways, we walked back and forth two blocks for a while. Springtime is coming and this was a posh neighborhood, so it was a wonderful environment to have a conversation.

She helped me with a case -I'm stuck with a patient- and I got to vent about why I need therapy; some of those reasons actually may relate to why I needed help with handling my patient in the first place. She encouraged me to go right away, ASAP. I'm still thinking I'll do it after the wedding, but it doesn't hurt to start asking around.

It was a relief to hear from someone else what I'm feeling: I'm overwhelmed with the teaching and the research project and the wedding coming up and the possibility of going abroad next year to get my PhD. I've tried to keep calm but I could use some help with all that stress. Not to mention other issues that make my body scream, long-time demons such as Joseph and my traumatic relationship with sex.

Onto that, the wedding: Andrew and I have arranged for my parents to stay with us at the apartment. It was him who suggested it, for the record, and repeteadly until he convinced me. It is the best course of action indeed, and my parents are pretty chill anyway, especially now that I'm an adult. I don't think of my family and think "conflict!", I'm pretty lucky in that sense. So now I'm looking forward to hanging out with them in my own home. They'll get to see my home!

Lastly, Andrew brought home a cat a week ago. His first rescue! Usually I'm the one who finds the cases but this time around, it was him who found a cat meowing at each passerby in our street, following them like a dog. We took him to the vet: he looks like our own Nico, a red tabby, but with a big head and thicker face, and nearly fading due to malnutrition.

Also, you can tell he once had a home. He's all love and purring, he even seemed grateful for the food and the warm blanket and the litter box (which he knew how to use). He has three big scars on his nose. Tests showed he has feline leukemia and immunodeficiency virus. He has no symptoms and could very well lead a long, happy life with proper care. We had him neutered and he's in isolation in one of our rooms. Nico is dying to get in and play, and I know they'd both would get along great, they're both really sweet cats. But with this disease, he can't be near other cats.

Because of all that, I'm scared we won't find him a home, nobody will want him. Mostly because people only want to adopt kitties. You don't need to adopt them as babies, the adult ones are perfectly capable of adapting and learning just as well. They can still be playful and affectionate. This one guy may not be the fanciest but he sure has a soft spot for humans, and any human would be lucky to have him as companion. Wish us luck.

And now I get back to work. Or not. It's almost dinner time.

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