Life is flowing, thoughts are flowing.
Tuesday, 09.09.2014 - 8:52 pm.

All planning is coming along. Andrew and I have arranged our trip to the capital city to take the GRE test AND pick up my parents when they arrive in this country, at the beggining of november. We've started doing our paperwork to apply for PhD programs in the US and we're only missing the flowers for our wedding. The invitations are very neat, red and white.

I'm optimistic but I know there's still a lot to do, about the wedding and the PhD programs on top of our everyday schedules. By the way, I'M GETTING HIRED FULL-TIME! AS RESEARCH ASSISTANT TO MY BOSS! I'm supposed to start in october, I hope the contract is ready by then. I'm ditching the part-time position, which was related to the well-being research project (besides another 12-hour-a-week position as research assistant in the same thing), but my direct boss was another professor in the research team. I ended up a little dissapointed, sometimes I got very little guidance and little feedback, followed by long periods without communication, followed by an e-mail along the lines, "well, is it done yet?". On the other hand, my boss, Dr. B, is always "there" and in a good way. She offered me the full-time job and it looks promising.

In more good news, the cat we got off the streets a few weeks ago has been adopted! I was happy and relieved. A couple of college students came to meet him last week and didn't mind he has leukemia and FIV. They loved him. Bless their hearts. They will take him home in two weeks though, since Independence Day is next week and they are going out of town. Meanwhile, we keep him in the studio, with food, water, litter, toys and a blanket. He lives like a king and the room is, well, roomy, though he complains (in feline fashion) about not being let out of the room. I dislike having him like that too but we can't let him mingle with our cats due to risk of contagion. So everybody in this apartment has to be patient until the students come pick him up in a few weeks.

And this is my amazing update. Let it be known, on the other hand, that I'm being very disciplined with my paper journal, and at this pace I'll finish my current notebook this month. I wrote like four pages, front and back, about just this. It's a beautiful journal, my sister got it for me in New York like a decade ago or so, and I'm both happy and sad to finally fill it. It's a joy, writing on paper. My thoughts are flowing again.

In fact, I feel like writing in it right now. I'll go do that before I go to bed. A JOY, I tell you.

P.S.: I'm sorry, dear diary: HAPPY (belated) 13th BIRTHDAY!!! All those years ago, on a saturday night, I opened this account, not quite expecting anything. And here we are still *throws confetti*.

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