Running on sand but getting there.
Sunday, 10.12.2014 - 6:26 pm.

This weekend was very productive, but it doesn't feel like I got to do everything I wanted. I did though: update blogs, open accounts to apply for scholarship programs, grade exams, start writing a paper for my boss and clean up the house and start preparing it for my parents' arrival (in three weeks!). Oh, and getting groceries. Every weekend we need to stock up on groceries.

I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with all the small tasks regarding the wedding and the doctorate program applications. Well, perhaps I've been overwhelmed for a while but now it really is approaching. Nearly one month to go. Well, the wedding. I have a month and a half to turn in the applications.

I'm getting more and more excited but I'm also kinda looking forward to life after november, when all that planning is over and I can pour my time and energy onto other stuff (e.g. I have a book of short stories almost finished and I have set my eyes on a publishing house). updates haven't been very meaningful. I think october will be like that, with non-stop lots of tiny, interesting tidbits happening. But only interesting to me. Getting shopping done, getting some studying done (for the GRE!) and working full time and a half. Yeah, about that, I'm crossing my fingers that my contract will be out in time to get paid this month.

And then november will be a whirlwind.

But I don't want to think about that right now. No work, no responsibilities. After a day like today, Andrew and I deserve a nice dinner. So I'll go see we make it happen.

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