Suddenly, free time.
Tuesday, 12.16.2014 - 6:18 pm.

We got a car!

We rented one when my family was here, and we were going to rent one next week until *next year*, since Nephew #3 and the holidays are coming (last year we couldn't get home to celebrate, with no cabs or public transportation available). With that money, we figured, we could start paying for one of own. And a close friend of ours was selling his so there you go. We took the money for the second rental, and the money we got from the wedding and from family, and our own money, and now we have a car.

I still take public transportation whenever possible, I don't mind at all. This is a city in which, I think, it's best to avoid being a driver as much as you can. The car is for big things, like (1) running many errands at once or going long distances, (2) carrying big things, like when going to the supermarket or going to the recycling center, (3) visiting Andrew's grandfather, and (4) going out of town.

And for big things like picking up Nephew #3 at the airport on thursday morning! He'll get on a plane tomorrow afternoon and travel all the way down here to spend Christmas with me, with us. I'm so happy. The rest of my family will spend the holidays in the States, at Brother #2's house in New Mexico. It's nice that I'll get to have at least one member of my nuclear family with me. I do miss the big celebrations with them. Ok, they're not "big", as in overly elaborated, but we're a big bunch, it's fun and we eat a lot.

I'll also get to celebrate with a husband. I mean, my husband, but that doesn't feel like a novelty or weird. I remembered yesterday that it was our first month as husband and wife. I think it over and I say "nah". Being spouses has a nice ring to it, don't get me wrong, but I don't think anything has changed between us. Andrew and I are as awesome as we've always been, before or after signing the papers.

And...hey, that's it for now. It's strange that I feel like I have nothing to do. That may be because I indeed have nothing to do at work but to mail gift cards to students who answered surveys for the research project and won a raffle.

Then with Andrew we have to clean up the house for Nephew #3's arrival and other domestic stuff. Wrap presents for friends! Take the car to the repair shop! Pick up the christmas tree over and over because our foster kitty is a jerk! And prepare the PhD program application for the University of Massachusetts, which is both Andrew's and my top choice, but we most likely are not theirs.

Until next time.

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