Considering the circumstances.
Wednesday, 01.07.2015 - 10:10 pm.

Hello. Happy new year. Although by the 7th day it doesn't feel so new anymore, especially when one notices that the world remains the same, parts awesome, parts horrible, horrible, horrible.

I don't have a topic in mind to write about right now...of course the news from Paris come to mind but as much as I have to say about that, I refrain from that here. Mostly I clench my teeth at how other people are reacting; aside from empathy and the willingness to share the horror, education is a wonderful thing to have. That goes for other subjects, or rather, reactions to subjects, that disgust me and that I've seen so much of lately. Thanks, uneducated Facebook friends. But I digress.

I said I didn't have a topic in mind to write about right now. I just wanted to come in and say hi, update a little, just so not many days will go by without updating this dear diary. I'm making an effort to write more often in any of my three blogs, this journal and my hand-written journal. It's a handful to keep them all but I can't get rid of any, they all have different content that is important to me. I wouldn't get so personal in my main blog like I don't get political in here. There's one for my comic strips and one for psychology. And even though the written one is similar to this one, I refuse to give up hand-writing.

So, hi. I'm doing good. This week I'm getting back to normal, after a couple of months of chaos, joy, anxiety and utter heartbreak. Andrew's been ok, considering the circumstances. He's going through a very private and silent mourning for his brother. I'm just there for him, silently too. He organized and put away his brother's belongings and unwrapped the christmas gift we had for him, I suppose he'll sell it. Last night he came out of the room we use as studio and hugged me silently for a while and I think he was crying, and then he went back to playing his game. His parents are in the capital city cleaning up his brother's apartment to return it and running errands with the bank and all that. I'm glad they took over all that.

We had a good New Year's Eve, again, considering the circumstances. We took Nephew #3 to a city by the lake, as I wrote in my last entry. He left on January 2nd and I cried a couple of times about that. Andrew and I went on some kind of date that night, to deal with everything, I guess.

He was on the same mode as me when Joseph dumped me: let's move, let's do things, go, go, go. He was making plans to go out one night and the next night, when we rarely do (he's calmed down on that so we get to stay home, which is what we prefer). He's been very vocal about not wanting to drink alcohol, too. Which I find funny because he rarely drinks alcohol to begin with. Perhaps he wants to avoid getting emotional, or find that it helps him cope with the loss of the brother. I don't know. I'm curious about his insistence but I won't ask.

On happier news, our little foster kitty, the one we found the last week of november at our building door, has been adopted! We'll drive to the coast on saturday to take her to her new family. It's quite a road trip, like an hour and a half long, but as long as it's a good home, and it seems it is, I don't mind. It'll be a nice chance for Andrew and I to go sightseeing. We're planning on stopping by a restaurant by the sea, to make the most out of this trip.

And that's it. I'm feeling a little down, thinking of the horrible, horrible, horrible side of the world, but I'm ok myself. I'm having a nice week, Andrew is too -considering the circumstances-, and that means lots of quality time for us.

Ok, bye.

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