Last day in my twenties.
Sunday, 01.18.2015 - 4:50 pm.

Oh, hey, I turn 30 tomorrow. I will kind of miss being twenty-something, particularly because the teens and twenties are usually associated with being "cool", but when I have been cool? My chronological age is reaching my spiritual age and that's all right.

When I got the Nintendo DS for Christmas (ok, that may not sound very much my age), Andrew said that was also my birthday present. But still he started asking this week what I wanted. I don't want nor need much more than what I already have. I'm happy, I have plenty. He insisted and bought me a pair of solid sunglasses for driving, to change the ones I have*, and also got me a pair of PJs for the summer. Such a sweetheart that he is.

* The sunglasses do take me back to Joseph, I started wearing them for driving because of him. He got me my first pair, and a couple more afterwards (I have two pairs right now and I'm sure at least one came to my hands through him), and said they'd help me, and boy was he right. I may be very bitter by how he ended things between us, but I do have a list of things he influenced in me and that I'm grateful for.

I start my third decade alive by getting an office! There's a new building in campus and it's for the Social Sciences Research Center, of which I'm part of. I'm in a collective office but it's so neat, with glass walls, and the building is still empty. It's three stories tall and there's only two people working there right now, both psychologists and both close friends of Andrew's who are also very nice to me. More people will be relocated soon, but as I am one of the first, I get to choose my seat.

Yesterday, Andrew and I drove to see his parents, who live in some town an hour away from the city. It's great that we have these road trips, we have long, relaxed chats over our favorite music. It's a nice break from our routine, we do have conversations everyday but sometimes they're quick or about immediate things. Anyway, among other stuff, we talked about our plans to get our PhDs in the USA, and we decided that even if just one of us gets accepted, we're both going. The scholarship covers the spouse, and the non-accepted spouse will get in school once we're living there. That's the criteria that must be met: that we don't get separated, and that we both get to study, even if we don't start at the same time.

So anyway. My wild plans for tomorrow are staying home with Andrew and having a wonderful dinner, just the two of us. That's always been my kind of celebration. And hoping not a lot of people congratulate me, mostly because it's so humbling and embarrassing seeing how many people care for you and I can't say thank you enough. I will also celebrate tomorrow that it was the day, six years ago, that I met CR and Lighthouse, who saved my life...for that day was also the last time I'd ever see and speak to Joseph in person (uuuggghhh, it was awful!), though I did not know at the time.

I'm gonna go prepare my stuff to start working at my office tomorrow: paper, pens, folders, decoration, headphones. I'm so excited!!! And yet tomorrow morning I'll probably wake up moaning about how I want to keep working from home with my cats. Oh, but at least my office is just crossing the street from my apartment building. JACKPOT!

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