Good, calm days.
Monday, 01.26.2015 - 9:30 pm.

I spoke too soon on my last entry. As I was writing it, Andrew went for a walk. When he came back, he rang the bell and as I opened the door, my closest friends yelled "surprise!". They were carrying a cake and gifts for me. Sneaky little man. And the next day, my birthday, I also had friends come over.

Thus I turned 30 last monday, next to this amazing guy who makes me so happy, and with a new office across the street from the building I live in. I've been going everyday since then and while I miss my cats, I'm so fucking productive there, it beats working from home (and I can see my home from the window). The chair and desk are very comfortable, the building is still empty and quiet, and I have AC, which comes in handy in the summer. Soon the building will have restricted access, just by using fingerprints. Holyfuckingshit.

I hit the jackpot with this job, research assistant. Not only I love doing what I do and my commute is a ten-minute walk, my boss rules, too. Always replies her e-mails ASAP, always makes very clear about what she wants, always is very assertive about what's well done and what needs to be improved. She made Andrew's and my contract (Andrew works for her too but on a different department) to cover all 12 months. Andrew's been working at the university for seven years and February, the summer vacation nationwide, always meant unemployment for him, due to the type of awful contract that is so common here. Same with me, for the three years I've been working in this country. Since we've been together, we've used savings to get through that month. But not anymore. This is a boss that looks after her employees.

Speaking of Andrew, yesterday our vet friend and her fiancé (getting married in April, yay) invited us to her father's property, out in the country. When I say property...Jesus, he owns land. He owns A LOT of land, as far as your eyes can see from the wooden cabin up on one of the hills he owns, including the lake and the mountains that surround it. So much land, there are pumas hidden in it and sometimes they take the calves (and once a dog. RIP Luna). And stuff like that.

So anyway, we went there and it was much needed and much appreciated. A day off, just to relax. To warm up to the summer vacation that finally starts this friday afternoon. We went into the lake with the family's four dogs, and we had delicious meals (except, personally, for the lamb; it tastes like zoo). Her parents were there, they're very nice to Andrew and I. It kind of felt like we were teenagers, and there were my friend's parents, telling us to go have fun in the lake and then having our lunch ready for when we returned.

And this is my update for now, because I want to go and finish my written journal. I only have three pages left of the one I'm using, which I got on my last birthday (from my vet friend, speaking of which). And this birthday I got another journal, I'll be using that one afterwards. Even though I have like seven more blank journals waiting to be filled. I'm trying to keep the habit. I actually finished this one because I've been writing in it nearly everyday this month.

Ok, bye!

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