Life keeps turning.
Sunday, 04.05.2015 - 6:00 pm.

I know that if I don't update right now, another week will go by without writing in here.

Someone finally adopted the kitty we found back in November. That someone is one of Andrew's uncle. Yesterday we drove for an hour and a half towards the Andes mountain range, to a small town where he lives with his wife. I really liked them both, and I was so relieved to see they knew how to care for a cat. They fell in love with her. That made saying goodbye to her so much easier. My heart ached every time I thought we had to give her up, but she's in great hands. This was a home worth waiting for.

Oh, and today Andrew and I rescued a dog! We're barely out of trouble with that kitty and then we get into more with this dog. But the poor thing, he was wandering under the sun, filthy and thirsty. He had a rusty collar without ID. We were two blocks away from our vet friend's clinic so we kind of abused our privilege of being friends with the owner and dropped him off there. We pay for everything, of course, I just mean they don't open on Sundays. But the vet student in charge took us in, and we left the dog for a bath and general health check-up. We're looking for his owners, if no one steps up, he's up for adoption. By his looks (sadly), I don't think it'll be hard to find him a home.

Speaking of health, I've noticed I've been ok, physically. I'm always complaining of something, mostly my jaw or my stomach but these days I've forgotten about that. The pain in my broken jaw has diminished so much since I got my mouth guard. And my stomach, well, it bounced back from what happened in february. And even the gurgling since last year has reduced significantly. I suspect part of it had to do with my teaching gig, and this year I feel much more confident and in charge and sure I'm doing it the right way. I believe that helps.

The scholarship application is almost done. Andrew and I sent in our papers to the university, and we're hoping we'll get the acceptance letter this week. Then we can submit our scholarship application and we cross our fingers. We're so close, but still we cannot take anything for granted. I just wrote my personal statement and research proposal, and while I'm always unsure others will like it, I was quite pleased with them.

It's strange to think this was Holy Week. I compare how I'd spend it back in my university days: on vacation, at my house, eating certain food and watching certain movies, maybe attending some religious ceremonies while feeling guilty because my then-boyfriend was at the beach and I was scared and too overprotected to go with him. This year, I barely noticed, if not for other people's comments and experiences, and for having Good Friday off (a relief, a true day off since we started the semester). I just look back in awe at how life changes from a years to others. Who knows how life will be like for me, for us, in a year.

And I have more gossip-like tidbits but I've been working all afternoon and I'm tired. I'm going to go see Keeping Up With The Kardashians. One can indeed be equally interested in pursuing a doctorate degree in social psychology and this show.

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