Work overload.
Tuesday, 04.28.2015 - 8:41 pm.

So little time to dedicate to my writing. On top of my usual workload, I have a pile of 50+ mid-semester tests to grade (luckily I made the test short and straight to the point), and the job of checking and correcting someone's doctoral thesis. It's just checking for citation and references but I've been keeping track, since I charge by the hour, and it's taken me about 16 hours so far.

This past weekend we had some kind of getaway though. Our vet friend Karin got married! To our other vet friend! They tied the knot outdoors last saturday, at a hotel/resort with a view to a lake. The day was perfect, everything was just perfect. The natural setting and the decoration were beautiful, I got a vegetarian meal and the food was amazing. Hell, Aerosmith videos were played during the reception and even Andrew and I won a set of nice cups in a raft (both the raft and that prize were our suggestion to Karin's mother, who helped organized the event! It was a coincidence that we won though, seriously). It's a shame I was so tired since so early on that day, because I was coming down with the flu. But everything else was fantastic.

When it ended, around midnight, Andrew and I drove to a town nearby and we stayed at a fancy hotel, which we never do. We got to see the volcano with a little bit of fire and smoke on top (not the most recent one that erupted, the one that erupted before that one, in march) and everything covered by the ashes from the most recent eruption (that one, yes). We had a view to the lake, barely. We spent the night there and in the morning we went to the breakfast buffet and walked a bit on the shore. It all ended too quickly but we had to return and keep working on our classes and other things. Even on sundays we work. I'm so tired of it.

In fact, I have to get to work right now, the person writing the thesis just sent me more information. I'm almost done, luckily. I hope she pays me soon so I can return to my usual work overload.

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