Sunday, 05.03.2015 - 5:07 pm.

Andrew got his license this past week, so now I get to be a co-pilot. I appreciate how much he wanted this, not just for the sake of driving but also to share the load of driving places.

Last night, I found myself riding shotgun as we returned from meeting in a pub with a long-time friend of his. It was late at night, the streets were empty and he just drove with the both of us in silence, listening to music and me staring out the window. I felt grateful for that moment, and it seemed to pass in slow motion.

We try not to make plans about moving to England for our PhD in September, because we won't get word from the scholarship until June. So the fact is, we, at the moment, are not moving there. But we get excited of course, so when we do make plans, we always add "IF" at the end of the sentence. It's best not to think much about it, we make that effort. I think we have a good chance of winning the scholarship, each of us separately, but also, we may not. I or he or both of us may not get it.

At least I have the present to keep myself entertained. The present's pretty decent, too.

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