This weekend is making up for this week.
Saturday, 06.20.2015 - 6:18 pm.

It's been such a great saturday, like I hadn't had one in a long time: no work. Absolutely no work. Just doing things around the house, being host to a good friend of Andrew's (and mine) who's in town for a wedding and here, writing and reading.

I wrote a post for my psych blog earlier and now I'm writing here. This earns me point in my "writing journal", the handwritten one I keep about writing. I am lame, yes, but I have fun in my lameness.

All this has made me forget what a long and frustrating week this has been. Monday was a really bad day with my students, I could've just told them to fuck off and die. Individually they're ok, but they're a mediocre and passive bunch. I can understand being ignorant but not being ok with staying like that forever. This next monday is my last class of the semester and I'm done with teaching for a while.

Monday was also Andrew's birthday. Oh, the surprise birthday party last saturday turned out great! Everything went as expected, it took Andrew by surprise and it indeed lifted his mood. It was cool.

But on monday he woke up with torticollis and it got worse as the day progressed. We went to the doctor on tuesday and he was finally able to go to work on thursday. So of course he wasn't well most of this week, in pain and in bed, and I was frustrated and feeling useless.

On top of all that, we didn't get any news on the scholarship. Fucking hell with these assholes. Tomorrow marks a three-month thing, our PhD programs start and we should get moving with the visa and the legal paperwork and testing our cats and all the things one has to do when moving overseas. Except we don't know if we're moving overseas, are we?! Because of those assholes.

Next week, maybe? Fucking shit.

Lastly, I had a dream in which I dated Andrew's deceased brother. Damn. Anyway, we both were friends with Anthony something from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Or was it Dave Grohl? It was confusing in the dream.

So I was sitting on a couch with Anthony/Dave in Andrew's brother apartment, with him sitting on a chair a few steps away, and suddenly CR showed up. CR! I was so happy to see him. He popped his head in the door, then he came in and Fucking Joseph is coming behind him. He looks at me, he looks down on me, because I'm sitting on the couch with Anthony/Dave. But he was looking at me with such disapproval and disgust, and I think a few years earlier that image from the dream would have crushed me in real life. Now I just think it's odd. Also, uncalled for, but who knows what he's got in his mind. Even when he's in my mind.

So that's the update, kids! Perhaps next weekend I'll be able to come in here and say whether Andrew, the cats and I are staying right where we are or crossing the Atlantic in a few months.

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