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Thursday, 07.09.2015 - 5:33 pm.

A few days, no more than a week, after learning about the scholarship, I get more news: my mother has cancer again. There's been communication back and forth between my parents and siblings while they can schedule an appointment with the doctor. Overall though it's not a subject we've discussed; I see everyone avoiding the topic and I take a clue. No use on dwelling on it while we don't have more information, I guess.

As for scholarship errands, Andrew and I have been gathering papers and getting them signed; we took our cats to the vet to get them microchips and draw blood samples so they can enter the UK. We're kind of, sort of putting our stuff for sale but not quite yet. A few obstacles have arisen, and it makes it more difficult since we're eight hours away from the scholarship headquarters in the capital city, and they're not very good with long-distance communication.

However, tomorrow morning we're both taking a plane to the capital. We're taking the IELTS, which by now is useless because as we were applying to the program they started accepting the TOEFL and we got unconditional acceptance with those scores. But we had already paid for the first test; then we got our plane tickets and thus there was no way back. Oh, well, we'll get to practice. I've been listening to Radio BBC Sheffield and I like how they speak.

Anyway, the trip will also be an opportunity to stop by the scholarship offices and see what's going on. It's a shame, had everything gone smoothly, we could've stopped by to sign the deal and get moving faster. So it goes.

Such a boring update, my apologies. I can talk about how I'm done with my teaching gig, though! That has me so happy that I've been gurgling-free for two days! One night I finished grading and sent out the final grades to the students and the next morning was the first one in a long time in which I didn't wake up with a need to burp. That was yesterday. Today was the same. The students are on strike for who knows how long, however. The semester's not done but I am done with it.


So we're leaving tomorrow: errands, english test, meetings with friends and we're back on Sunday.

See ya!

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