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Saturday, 08.08.2015 - 11:35 am.

Lord, it's been so long since I last updated! Travel preparations are picking up speed: furniture is starting to disappear from our home and my heart breaks a little, undoing this pretty apartment what we've built for four years. We still don't have our plane tickets though and we should get going in about a month.

Last Tuesday, Andrew and I went to the capital city to get our UK visa. I mean, the paperwork requirements were ambiguous but I hope we'll get it; we are fully backed by the university (I love that place already, they're very attentive and foreign student-friendly). And while in the city, we ran other errands: I met the editor of my book and we learned the airfare for our cats.

The rest of the week has been for working and socializing. Oh, and for writing! I've been a little slow with my blogs it but I'm getting back into the groove. Also, having a handwritten journal is wonderful and does wonders.

This week I dreamed I met Joseph's child. I wrote down the details in my handwritten journal and by now I don't remember much of the context. No, wait! Joseph was part of a rap duo and he got on the bus I was riding to sing. I pretended not to know him as he and his partner rapped up and down the aisle. Later I was at an outdoor party/BBQ and he showed up with his baby (the kid must be five or six by now).

A woman, a friend, came up to me carrying the baby, to show me how cute he was. She didn't know the history between the child's father and me. I walked away and stared at the garden, hoping that someone, maybe Joseph himself, would notice that I was not comfortable with that tiny creature around. Hell, I wasn't comfortable with the tiny creature's dad around. But then I gave in and approached the baby, and I said he was cute indeed.

That was all.

I love how my dreams with Joseph have evolved since we were dating up until now that he's a distant memory. I wish I'd kept better track of these dreams in this diary (i.e. I could locate them easily among thousands of entries). Now I'm aware of him but he's just a shadow I see from the corner of my eye and choose to ignore. Still, he's around. He and his spawn. Funny.

Speaking of the past, I'm backing up my huge collection of personal and family pictures and I came across my collection of selfies. That's right, call me Kim Kardashian long before this thing of taking pictures of oneself had a name. It was awesome, it was getting in touch with my old (young?) self, and perhaps that has boosted my ideas for the Simeon comic lately. In my own little universe, I was cool.

Also, that helped me realize I haven't changed *that* much, physically, so I can stop complaining. Surely I have, I'm 30 now. But while I've always been old in my soul, the chronological age of my body is now catching up. I've always been ok with aging, until now that I'm truly aging, but as that wise facebook quote goes, growing older is a privilege denied to me. So let's keep living and aging.

And exercising! I'm back to exercising and it feels so good, it leaves me in a great mood. It'll also come in handy now that we're moving furniture and appliances, and to carry our bags and cat carriers through airports and train stations.

Ok, bye!

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