New layout and awesome news.
Tuesday, 09.01.2015 - 9:49 pm.

Through a fellow Dlander I came across a site that still has DLand templates up and running, and I loved this one! I needed a change so badly. And my 2001-2002 Dland self stares at it with envy.

Since I'm here to celebrate the diary's new appearance, I might as well share some great news: today we finally got our plane tickets! We're leaving Chile on September 15th! We'll be arriving in Manchester the next day and from then we take a train to Sheffield, our final destination. We'll probably have the domestic flight on the 14th. With these dates we can now move forward with our cats' paperwork.

We also got our cats' kennels today. We'd ordered two before but their size rised the cost of transportation too much. We can afford a smaller size for them, the first ones were for medium-sized dogs. The delivery guy came minutes after we'd gotten our plane tickets and everything was just wonderful. Marla, our black cat, had made herself at home in one of the kennels and she fit comfortably in it.

Until we realized both of them were broken. We decided to get a replacement, hoping to get them on time. We contacted Amazon. It's my first time on the phone getting assistance in english and I got a lot of help from the person on the other side of the line. But then Andrew and I found out we couldn't return the kennels because, considering we had an international address, it was way, way too expensive.

Andrew contacted them again, looking for advice and/or options. In the end, they agreed to send the replacements without us having to return the original items, since we'd end up paying $40 for them and nearly $800 to ship them back to the US. I got tears in my eyes when I heard that, that was very cool of them. The damage does not render the kennels useless but it may be grounds for an airline to turn us down (the cats are going as cargo, also). They're still highly functional and we'll be donating them to the local animal activists.

Tomorrow Andrew and I have our last day of work at a day-long event, and hopefully after that we can focus our whole attention on packing our bags and selling everything.

Two weeks, man. I feel we've waited for so long, things have been moving slowly and now it's upon us, like, tomorrow. Two more weeks and we're moving to England.

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