Last entry before crossing the Atlantic.
Tuesday, 09.15.2015 - 11:54 am.

We're in Santiago, Andrew, the two cats and I. The last two weeks have a whirlwind and we're exhausted. I longed for sitting down and writing about it, to share the load of the moving-to-another-continent process (and the fact that my new book is out!), but I didn't have the time, energy or even internet connection to do so.

We're staying at a friend's apartment, he and his wife have been awesome, letting us stay with the cats. The friend is Andrew's almost brother and he adores cats. He loves our two cats in particular, so much that perhaps we should even be worried he won't drop them off at the airport on Wednesday morning, as requested.

The cats traveled by plane with us yesterday, they took it decently. And once we arrived to this apartment, they made themselves at home pretty quickly.

Today there's a nationwide airport strike so our flight was modified. We had a great itinerary, all things considered, leaving at 4 pm today. The new one departs at 1 am tomorrow and includes a 12-hour layover in Paris, which sucks. The cats, in the end, will arrive via cargo the same day as we do with the new itinerary. Luckily, we also have friends waiting for us in Sheffield, who will let us all four crash in their house. So many people helping us, I can't begin to thank them all.

Anyway, I should be using this time to do other things to prepare for our journey to UK. This will be my last entry written from Chile, then, for a long time. It's been hard and weird to say goodbye to that city I lived in for four years, in which I found a new home, an extension of my family. I still don't even believe we don't have our apartment anymore, but we did spend the last week dismantling it and it doesn't exist as we knew it.

I'll update again who knows when. Hopefully next week, and by then we'll be settled down, the four of us together again.

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