A lad is coming.
Saturday, 01.16.2016 - 3:13 pm.

My nephew IS coming! Finally, after months of deliberation and gathering information, my sister agreed to let him come and try to get into the music program at my university. It wasn't like she was withdrawing the opportunity just because, it was that my nephew had to have enough arguments to prove he wasn't coming here to be a tourist, and that all the money it takes to come here would be well invested.

He's coming next Sunday in the afternoon! Andrew and I bought him a bed this morning and I bought our train tickets to go pick him up at Manchester airport. Now just wish him luck, may he get accepted at the university and may he find funding to make his dream of becoming a musician come true.

I've been thinking of David Bowie all week. And it's sad because I'd been thinking about him a lot before I learned the news of his passing. Since last year I was getting into his music and his story, thanks to my friend Virginia who loves him with all her heart. His art and his authenticity have gotten her through really rough times, as it has happened with many other people. She recommended me some albums, I got a few of my own from Andrew's music library, and I was set on the path of devoted fandom.

Before this past Monday I was trying to expand my knowledge on Bowie and then it happened. But it's still been amazing, all the love and peace surrounding his goodbye (compared to fellow musician John Lennon's death, bordering on traumatic), and how it is so easy to believe that he was visiting Earth and he simply returned home, peacefully and on his own terms.

To continue my quest, then, I just ordered online a poster of Aladdin Sane, it should arrive in a week or so. Andrew encouraged me to do so, as a birthday gift for me from me (let it be known, he already gave me my present, a wonderful Moleskine 2016 diary. This man gets me). Which makes not much sense because it's not like life gives me any extra money for turning a year older, but there you go; excuses. I turn 31(!) on Tuesday and I could use a presence like Bowie's in my life. My PhD project is about being in contact with other people's imagination so it's a scientifically supported choice.

That should be all for today. I'm really tired because Andrew and I spent Monday to Thursday in a writing workshop, from 9 am to 5 pm. It was very helpful but also exhausting. It seems neither of us is good at enduring intensive stuff.

Do not blame it on aging. If anything, my body is finally catching up with my spirit.

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