Trip recap part 2, sort of.
Sunday, 04.17.2016 - 4:42 pm.

I was supposed to write the second part of my trip recap about Joseph-related things, but the truth is I don't care for that right now. Perhaps soon enough I'll have a relapse and will writhe about him, and how he and his ex-wife are back together, thus being Mr and Mrs Smith once again, but for now, I really don't have time to think about that.

As for seeing my beloved friends CR and Lighthouse, I will say I almost didn't see them. Only in the last days at my home country I found out they still had that house I'd visited last time, and now it's an "art gallery" and a Mexican food place. It's just a big house with about five tables in the terrace over the garage (which is the kitchen) but their cook is very good. There was nothing artsy being displayed but Lighthouse has his studio on the third floor and CR lives there permanently. They have parties there sometimes, and occasionally an event to maintain the "gallery" status going. It's a cool arrangement, really.

Andrew and I went to their place our last Friday in my country. We ate there and we got a tour, and David Bowie was blasting all through the house, hooray. CR was busy, as he's the waiter and maybe kinda sorta the manager, even though there was nobody else to tend to but Andrew and I. He joined us for a while and that's when he said he'd learned, through a friend of a friend that had come to eat there, that Mr and Mrs Smith were back together. "Not when Andrew is present, you idiot!", I thought. Luckily, Andrew and Lighthouse did not know what CR was talking about, so I played it cool, said "good for them", and changed the topic. Thus I didn't learn anything else.

We agreed to go out to dinner the following night, CR, Lighthouse, Andrew, and I. Andrew bailed, poor thing was exhausted after two weeks of eating and socializing with my people. I thought this would be a chance to get more information on the Mr and Mrs Smith thing but CR was not around much, working at the gallery/restaurant. Lighthouse and I ordered food and took it back to the gallery to keep him company. There was another guy there who was a friend of them that I didn't quite like, due to his reckless ways around life (that I inferred from his conversation). There was also the ladyfriend of this guy, whom at first sight made me go in my head "JESUS IS THAT MRS SMITH" though I'm not sure what Mrs Smith looks like, I've seen her but I can't remember. She was not, we were introduced. I liked her more than I liked him.

My 2009-2010 self would have gone nuts by my time spent with Lighthouse. He picked me up at the hotel, we went to order food, went to the gallery to chat with the disliked guy and ladyfriend (not CR), went back to collect the food, and then went back to the gallery to eat there and chat again with the disliked guy, and then drove me back to the hotel. We got to talk a lot about what was going on in our lives. That was neat.

I was sorry I didn't get to talk more with CR. I learned he'd been a baker with an old Chinese couple (I knew that), and then moved on to sell silk with a group of Indians who wanted him to be their pimp(!), and now he was working with metallic structures at a bank(?). I know he was busy so couldn't hang out with us, but at the time I just took it as him not being interested in me as he was before, and that hurt my ego (and connected it with my Joseph-obsessed episode that I was going through). Perhaps it's true, perhaps it isn't. It mattered at the time.

Anyway! I did end up doing the recap, eh. Luckily it's not about what I planned, and that's great. My mind has other priorities.

Currently I'm busy with PhD stuff, and finally committing to paper a story I've had in my head for so long. We went to Liverpool (again!) with Andrew yesterday, and took my nephew to celebrate his 20th birthday (damn!). We got sunny weather, so it was much more enjoyable than our first visit under the non-stop rain last November.

See ya.

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