Domestic bliss.
Sunday, 05.08.2016 - 5:11 pm.

We've spent the weekend cleaning up the house and buying little things for it, like cushions and a rug (and a vacuum, to do said cleaning up!). Just trying to make it feel more like a home. I mean, it is a home! But it needs some retouching still, and so far it's coming along nicely.

This morning we had some friends over, a family of three, for breakfast. Andrew got up at 6 am to bake bread and prepare everything. What a guy. My nephew went out with the couple's daughter last night, to a concert. It was not a date, she just invited him to come along; I'm hoping my nephew can start getting into this scene (but still no acceptance letter from the local college, so still no certainty that he's staying, grgrgrgr!). This family is moving back to Chile in a few months but we'll try to squeeze some good times out of this little friendship. They've been here for years so they have plenty of recommended places to visit.

After breakfast we went to the street market right down our street. So many lovely things and great food of all kinds in just one block. We bought some cakes and pastries from a stand that seemed unfairly overlooked by people, and those cakes and pastries did. not. disappoint. They were amazing. And then Andrew and I went to buy a rug he'd seen yesterday at a charity shop. Most of our stuff comes from those and they also do not disappoint.

I just watched An education. I'm still reeling from it, it was so good. It hit close to home, the school-oriented, unexperienced little girl that finds a worldly older man and gets into a relationship with him, and she tries to keep up with it. I saw myself there, severe dad included, trying to keep up with Joseph's world. I really hate the way things ended, or rather, the way he ended things between us, but I'm glad I didn't stop pursuing what I wanted because of him (almost did, perhaps). I don't think I expected anything from following this path I'd set myself onto, but the things I've gained, good Lord. I would have never imagined myself having the pretty life I have right now.

Ok, bye.

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