A list of visitors (including a revisited relationship).
Saturday, 05.14.2016 - 12:27 pm.

We have quite a few people visiting us in the next few months:

- A former professor from Chile (to whom I owe getting to that country in the first place to get my master's degree, and thus, possibly, my being here right now) is visiting next weekend.

- One of my best friends, Michelle, is coming the weekend after that one. YAY! We attended university together as undergrads, but she moved to Sweden when she had trouble graduating (this sounds so simple, it was rather a long and complex matter). We've remained in touch all these years. She'll be here for four days, I'm looking forward to seeing her and feeling a bit at home with an old-time friend.

- JC might come. JC! The third guy from that awful 2009, with whom we had a fling, very hot but short-lived, when he ended up dumping me and getting back to his ex-girlfriend. Water under the bridge, thankfully. He was the only guy from that heartbreaking year to acknowledge the harm he caused me, so we talked things out and rebuilt the friendship that should have been in the first place.

I am sorry though that I ended up looking like a couple-wrecker, as he and I used to hang out while he was still with his girlfriend, though we did not get involved until they were done. It was perhaps emotional cheating on his part, a sad but logical position to found yourself in when you're with a partner but do not want to be with that partner anymore. He used to tell me about that problem, how he was unsure of breaking up with her, and I actually saw a lot of Joseph in that attitude, and at first I was rooting for him to stay with her. Maybe getting involved with him was a way to work out the fact that I had been that problem to Joseph.

Such mess aside, I had a great time with JC. After he dumped me and got back to his ex (who dumped him much later when she learned about me, and I think she thinks I was with him while they were together), I was really hurt but I had no lingering feelings of attraction toward him. I felt I was falling in love with him at the time but those feelings faded away relatively quickly (versus my feelings for Joseph, that never go away entirely). It was perhaps that we only made out for a couple of months. As time went on, he apologized and respected my request for space. When I had worked through my feelings, my share of responsibility in this situation, and his apologies, I was ready to get back in touch with him.

Anyway! We're friends still. I'm happy about that, maybe even proud. He moved to the US to get a master's degree a few years ago, and is about to return to our home country, but first he'll stop by to visit his brother in Wales. He wants to stop by and see me and Andrew (they met the first time I took Andrew to my home country. The three of us went out for dinner). Hopefully he can make it. It'd be nice to see him and have a couple of laughs. He's getting weirder over time though. I think, no, I'm sure pot and maybe other substances have something to do with it. He once sent me a voice message about seeing clouds from a plane moving like some kind of animal, and when I asked him about that, he did not remember sending that message. Fun guy.

- My friend Rod, from high school! But I still don't know if and when. He said sometime around the end of July.

- A couple of friends from Chile, also sometime in July-August. She's been one of Andrew's best friends since their undergrad years, and now along with her husband and myself, we're four close friends. They're living in Spain while she gets her PhD. Can't wait to see them, and we might travel to Scotland while they're here.

That's the list so far. I'm getting a bit overwhelmed but it will be awesome to have all these familiar faces around.

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