Bad vibes and a way to shake them off.
Saturday, 06.25.2016 - 2:08 pm.

It was a very gloomy day yesterday. I was really hoping Remain would win. A few days ago, Andrew and I had lost our entire afternoon (three hours) talking to our right-wing friend.

He's a victim of migration and refugees, you see. He cannot understand how exile or international relations work, but he does plan on retiring to the Canaries. His reasoning is comparing the plight of migrants to his frustration of not getting Zac Efron for himself or getting another country to pay for him to get to Disneyland. It's exhausting, how he thinks he's clever.

We parted amicably after that, however. He came to our home the next day for a farewell dinner for another colleague in the PhD program, who will be working the next year from her home in the US. In our home, he was the only Briton among immigrants from South, Central and North America. The rest of the people in the Psych Department openly dislike him or plainly hate him. He's always working hard at putting other people down. We, the immigrants who are his friends -and I do wonder if we should be-, are sort of safe from that...though I think he will go to other friends of his to complain about the bitch, me, who called him ignorant this week. I am, in fact, scared that if he gets tired of us, he'll destroy me in the next Psych conference. He's good at tearing people apart for their methodology and statistical issues in research, and those are not my strong suit. I mean, he can spot things that need to be improved, which is very useful, but he doesn't tell you for constructive criticism, but to call you a moron.

Anyway! Ugh, I did not want to dwell a lot on this. I just wanted to say that we had an encounter with his horrible, contemptuous, nationalist, self-centered views and I was hoping they wouldn't prevail. But they did.

Also, that day I received my Ethics application review for my second study and it was not approved because it had major revisions. Luckily, my supervisor was on my side, and a quick e-mail from him encouraged me to go on.

I finished the day, yesterday, seeing the Rocky Horror Show with my nephew at the theatre. It was fabulous! It took away all of my bad vibes of the day. We had watched the movie a few months ago and we both loved it. Now we're looking forward to the new version that will be released in a couple of months. My nephew is also my partner to watch KUWTK. He's amused by it and we laugh a lot.

He's leaving for our home country next Saturday. With the referendum results, I'm not sure if he'll come back. I don't think it should have any short term impact for stuff like this, but who knows. We still don't know if the college will give him the letter of acceptance (he met all the requirements, that's for sure). We've been waiting for so long, and the lack of response is giving me a bad feeling. Fingers still crossed though.

On the plus side, a few hours after having my heart broken by my nephew's depart, I will have it healed by the visit of a friend. My friend Rod, from high school, is visiting! He's on vacation and we'll stop by for a week or so in the city.

Lucky me, there's always something nice to balance with the bad.

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