From high school hallways to a ferry boat across the pond.
Saturday, 07.09.2016 - 10:09 pm.

It's been a great week with my friend Rod here. Andrew and I have had such a good time with him, going places, talking a lot, eating delicious food. We went to a small town on Sunday, to Liverpool yesterday (third time for Andrew and me, I'm not complaining!), and tonight, as a goodbye, we went to a pub for dinner and to another for a drink. My first time pub-hopping. It's the least hardcore thing ever, really, but it's a huge deal for me.

It's a comforting feeling, sitting in front of someone who's known you for so many years, with drinks in between. I talk about Rod in the first years of this diary, when we were in high school, around 2002. I'm 31 now! And now we're both on a ferry in Liverpool, one ocean away from the place we met. It's pretty cool. I was never someone to have many friends or hang out a lot with the ones I do have (mostly on account of living in other countries), but I do feel a bit sorry that I don't have the chance to do what I did tonight more often.

He's leaving tomorrow afternoon, and then Andrew and I will be back to being just the two of us. Which I really, really miss. I love and miss my nephew (who made it home safely last Sunday), and I love having my people visiting, but I also miss just Andrew and I. He's been a wonderful host as well, but now we're both looking forward to being just the two of us tomorrow.

On a less bright side, I had a dream with Mr and Mrs Smith early this week. I walked into a bar with a high school friend who was in love with me (I guess my unconscious picked up on having a friend from high school here, but it was Vic, also a frequent character in my entries from high school) and I was thinking about giving the relationship a try. We walked into the bar and on the first table, there were Mr and Mrs Smith talking with some friends, just having a good time. The rest of the dream was me hanging out with said friend, while being painfully aware of the presence of the Smiths. I woke up feeling immensely sad.

In the shower that morning, I asked myself if I ever wanted Joseph to be happy. It's something you wish upon those whom you love, don't you? I don't wish for him to be unhappy, but I cannot separate his happiness from the fact that he needed to get rid of me and find someone else. In a nutshell. Then I moved on with my life.

Speaking of happiness, I have a few books waiting for me to read them. Also, there is one thing I have not been able to do this week and that's writing: my blogs, my story on Word, all neglected. Oh, that story: 60 pages and growing, man! Nothing publishable -yet, at least- but it's more than I ever thought I'd be able to build, and the more I write...well, the more I write! I miss writing, I miss it horribly.

This entry is my first step to getting back on track.

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