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Sunday, 07.17.2016 - 6:54 pm.

We had yet another visitor this weekend! A friend of Andrew's, from Chile, who has come to Europe to travel and see if she can set up her jewelry business in one of its countries. She's one of Andrew's best friends from high school, and she always offered me her time and apartment whenever I went to the capital in Chile to run errands. She's lovely.

We went to Liverpool yesterday, mostly because she wanted to see a statue on Albert Dock dedicated to migrants. Her great-grandfather, or great-great-grandfather, set sail from Liverpool to Chile, so it was important for her family history. I thought that was really cool, I wished I knew more about my family origins. I think an uncle from my dad's side traced some of the history, and I remember seeing a very Spanish-sounding name of yore among my ancestors.

I really did not want to go to Liverpool this time. I'd gone last week with my friend Rod, and it was to be my 4th time there in less than a year. It's ironic and funny, I know, because when I learned I'd live relatively close to Liverpool I said I'd be there all the time. Well, there you go!

The thing was that we've spent a lot of money this month, with my nephew's trip back home, my friend Rod visiting, and now this friend, plus our own home expenses. I was not able to save this month, at all, which makes me anxious. And I've had so little time to dedicate to my writing as well. Andrew said it was completely ok for me to stay home while the two of them went to Liverpool, but he's been nothing but awesome with my own visitors, and he's a great partner in general, so this was my chance to reciprocate his support.

Speaking of writing, someone sent me a FB message inviting me to write for an online literary magazine. It's a very small project but I thought that was great, somehow this person knew my name and my writing. I accepted to participate, and now I have to write a fucking chronicle about me living abroad in a context that is different from that of Central America, and I have no idea what to say. I love writing, it's a shame I lack stuff to write about. Interesting stuff, I mean. I could write crap all day, and perhaps I do.

Now, Andrew and I have a few weeks of being by ourselves, before a couple of friends arrive here and we set off to Scotland. I'm looking forward to that trip but right now I'm ready to dive into some peace and quiet, just the two of us.

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