Hermit in the making.
Saturday, 07.23.2016 - 7:34 pm.

Andrew and I worked from home all week, except for monday. We're preparing to make our new routine, since the Psych department will be moved to the city centre at the end of August, while the building is refurbished. We'll go to the new building a couple of times every week. I'm kind of glad that I don't have to interact with people that much with this arrangement.

Not a lot has happened this week. I've been making progress with my PhD, and reading and writing a lot. This morning Andrew and I went to a beautiful park in the city so he could catch Pokémons. It was a fun, enjoyable morning together, even though he wasn't entirely present most of the time. But to be fair, he made up for it preparing a delicious lunch and ice coffee. And it was still better than staying home. We saw a lot of dogs and cute children, we had a milk shake, and we walked around five or six miles altogether. The day was cloudy (I prefer that to the burning sun, really) but the weather was nice. Thank you, Pokémon go.

For the last months, I've been meaning to write about my last few dreams with Joseph here, but then I open the entry box and realize I have other things to discuss. I guess, the dreams about him don't stand out much anymore, anyway. Right now I don't remember what they've been about, except that his kid was in one of them.

I have a couple of friends to write to, so I'll go do that. In my writing tasks I include writing to friends, keeping in touch, and I have a couple who go to town writing back. One of them is my friend Dany, from high school, and the other is a pen pal that goes way back from when I started my blogs. It's cool, with them I get the length and intimacy of a hand-written letter and the speed-of-light like delivery of the internet.

Ok, bye.

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