Off to Scotland!
Saturday, 08.06.2016 - 10:55 am.

It's nearly time to go to Scotland! Our friends arrived on Thursday night and Andrew and I took a vacation week from our doctorate program to be with them. It's been fun, these couple of days. And we have the entire week ahead, we leave for Edinburgh on Monday morning and return via Glasgow on Friday night.

At times I've needed to withdraw, though. I start to feel exhausted with all the socializing. It is nothing personal, these are one of our best friends from Chile (they're married, she's currently studying in Spain and he moved to be with her), with whom we are frequently in touch and who are a delight to have around.

I'm excited about the trip. It's just that my social energy is quickly depleted. It does not worry me that much, because Andrew is the same. Last night, the other Chilean friend of ours who's studying here, and has her husband and daughter here with her, came over to hang out with the friends who are visiting (they are also friends among them, back from the university times). At some point, Andrew and I told them to make themselves at home and continue for as long as they pleased, he and I were going to bed.

Anyway. Our Scotland itinerary includes Loch Ness. This makes me so happy because there was a book in my house named "the enigma of Loch Ness' plesiosaurus", and I could not get enough of it during my childhood.

(As fascinated as I was, though, I never, ever thought I'd visit that place. I can't believe I will go.)

My fascination occurred way before internet(!) so I went back and forth with that book, especially the pictures, the "proof" of the animal's existence. Over time, and when I did have internet, I was convinced that there is no such thing as a colony of dinosaurs living underwater. A shame. But I'm still excited to go!

On the less bright side of this vacation, I've had to drop my writing so I can be a proper hostess. I have a hard time concentrating with people around, anyway, so I just accepted to put it on hold, both my blogs and the story. I don't think I have mentioned the story in here, I'm up to 75 pages or so by now. It's a very interesting experience, everything starts flowing by itself when I'm typing and not when I'm daydreaming about it. If I had known that shit would write itself I would have started writing it years ago.

Ok, wish us luck, a good trip, etc.! I'm bracing myself for the inevitable conflict that arise from traveling with other people. Andrew is fine because I know him, but then there's the two friends visiting, and the friend from here with her husband and teenage daughter. Overall though, they're great company. Getting to know Scotland should be fantastic.

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