Back from Scotland, back into the routine.
Monday, 15.08.2016 - 5:10 pm.

Scotland was great. Edinburgh, Glasgow and The Highlands, including Loch Ness! Andrew and I went on our own sometimes, but being part of a group of seven people wasn't that bad overall. There were a few minor inconveniences but none worth highlighting. Above all, we were among friends.

On Monday and Tuesday we walked around Edinburgh, what a marvelous place. On Wednesday we went to Glasgow, on Thursday to the Highlands and Loch Ness on a day tour. Friday was an utterly miserable day: we had to check-out from our Airbnb at 10 am and our train was at 6:30 pm. It rained all day in Glasgow and my shoes were already wet from the day before. I lost three pair of socks. My period arrived. A loud, drunk white supremacist-ish guy, who insisted that we were from Spain and that his people built Europe, tried to cut us off from the line when waiting for our train. Our first train was delayed and thus we missed our subsequent train changes in other stations. We were supposed to arrive home at 11 pm, we arrived at 2 am on Saturday.

Oh, well. It was a wonderful trip!

Not once during this week I thought about my PhD. What a weird thing this is, being on vacation. Also, I did not remember that Andrew and I asked for today as vacation, too, so I found myself with another day off. Regardless, I'm looking forward to getting back to the routine. That's the thing about my daily life and work, it's a very enjoyable one!

We still have a couple of days with our friends who are visiting, too. They leave on Thursday morning. Today we took them to a record store and they went crazy. So did I, I ended up with two used vinyls: a A Hard Day's Night, originally issued in 1964 (!!! And it has the name of the person to whom it belonged, and the date, September '64), and Sgt. Pepper's, this one obviously re-issued in more recent times.

I did not write anything of substance during our time in Scotland but I scribbled some ideas here and there. As usual, though, everything seems so cool in my head.

Back to business. Slowly though, I'm pretty comfortable just loitering. I love that word, too.

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