Fifteen years! And no more fleas!
Saturday, 09.03.2016 - 2:35 pm.

September 1st was the anniversary of the start of this little diary. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO! FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS. I started it one Saturday night in 2001. I was in the middle of the joy and misery that was high school, writing in English so that my parents wouldn't understand, in case they wanted to take a peek at the screen from behind. They were always very respectful of my privacy, really, but I was about to get very honest and long-winded with this diary. I didn't even wonder if I would last. Oh, man. It's just another life ago.

Back to the present: the fleas are gone! We got our monthly scholarship deposit and rushed the cats to the vet. They had a rough night after applying that stuff that both my friend Anna and the vet recommended, scratching non-stop. But the next morning we found dead fleas on various surfaces and the cats slept like babies all through the day. They have been scratch-free (besides their usual grooming) since then, and I even dare to say they seem to be in a more relaxed mood.

We spent this morning cleaning up the entire house with anti-flea spray, also recommended at the vet. We'd used that product before but hadn't been able to afford it in the last couple of weeks. Andrew did most of the work, though, he worked the basement, first floor, second floor and attic, moving all the furniture around, vacuuming, and spraying that thing all over the carpets. Everything feels so clean now.

In other news, it looks like JC is coming after all! We're expecting him around the 12th or the 13th -he has yet to confirm- and he will leave on the 15th. I really appreciate his effort to come visit. It helped that he was in a pub somewhere near Wales and met two guys from Sheffield who spoke wonders of the city. He'll come here before going to London and then to Amsterdam to get stoned out of his mind. It worries me sometimes, how hung up he seems to be with pot. He jokes about it and it's funny but it's also concerning.

The 15th is the confirmation review of my doctoral studies. It should be fine, it's a 20-minute meeting with supervisors and other people with the Department to see if I'm suitable to continue the PhD. Peter, my main supervisor, is always on my side (which doesn't mean he'll always say yes to everything) and he says I should do well. He's also Andrew's main supervisor, same thing. I'm not satisfied with my rookie mistakes in this research but overall I can tell you myself that I'm pleased with my performance and the program itself.

Now, I will go and read. I'm reading "Everything is illuminated". It's raining today and it's a perfect day to be n bed with a book and a flea-free, snuggly cat. The temperature is dropping slowly but surely, and the sun is setting a couple of hours earlier that a month ago.

Speaking of anniversaries, soon it will be one year since Andrew, the cats and I crossed the pond and moved here. A year! Where does all that time go?

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