Best pie in the city.
Saturday, 10.08.2016 - 9:30 am.

Well. Shortly after my last entry, a side column on Facebook's site reminded me of people who've had sent me a friend request. Joseph showed up in it. It was like receiving a punch, though a very light one. FB had never, ever, shown him there, even though he sent me a friend request many years ago. I can't even remember when.

I was tempted to click on his profile. I did. I let out a strange laugh at the fact that he now wears glasses, and I couldn't stop staring at his wife, on the profile picture with him. I remembered all the things I'd written in my last entry, last Saturday, and I scrolled down his profile a bit, but not much was going on. I talked about it with my friend Victoria (she now lives in Colombia but we keep in touch on WhatsApp) and that was it.

Moving on.

Last night, Andrew and I went to a pub. We do that so rarely. Most properly, we never do. He's worse than me, or should I say better than me, at staying home. I'm not a party person but sometimes I feel like going out, especially here. Last night we did, thanks to an invitation of the community of Chilean students who wanted to get together, to give a warm welcome to the new arrivals. It was really fun! There were the best pies in the city (allegedly, and I'd agree, but I haven't tried them anywhere else), and I talked to people I always see in this Chilean get-togethers but I rarely talk to. I drank wine. "Dream on" came on early in the evening and I felt immensely happy.

We were supposed to go for a hike in the Peak District today with some people from the Psych Department but that fell through. It sucks, because it's not such a bad day to be out, and, again, Andrew is not one to go out spontaneously. We could have still gone, the two of us. But the reason why I'm not too bitter about that is because we will most likely go next weekend, when MY BROTHER AND SIL #1 ARE HERE!!! THEY ARE ALMOST HERE. I can't wait!

I'm afraid this is my terribly unexciting update today. I've had other things in mind during the week but they can be gone without mention, or maybe they'll come out some other day. Plus, I have a long letter to write to my friend Virginia, who instead of letters sends me one-hour long recordings of her telling me all about her life. It's the most precious thing for me. However, I laugh easily when I know I'm being recorded, so I can't reciprocate like that. I digress, my point is that I'm saving my verbosity for her reply.

PSA: Remember that I'm crossposting here, while I decide to leave DLand for good. Or not.

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