My brother is coming!
Thursday, 10.13.2016 - 8:05 pm.

I'm writing early this week because BROTHER #1 AND SIL #1 ARE FLYING IN TOMORROW MORNING!!! They're starting their journey across the pond right now. Andrew suggested we went to Manchester Airport to wait for them at the terminal, bless him, and there you go, we are taking a train at 6 in the morning to go wait for them. I don't know what the weekend holds for us, but my brother just want to go to pubs and listen to live music.

I'm only writing here out of habit, I don't intend to come right now and be deep ("deep") because I have other things to prepare in advance for this weekend. But it is worth noting that Andrew surprised me today with Jack White's biography and I can't stop grinning. What a guy (both of them).

I'm so excited that I could go sleep at the train station.

Ok, bye!

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