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Friday, 02.03.2017 - 4:05 pm.

As a follow-up to my last entry, there were indeed some things that Andrew and I needed to go through. Actually, I didn't think that was the case. It was only when we went on an impromptu date on Saturday night that he said he wasn't just tired and moody in general, but some specific things about our relationship were bothering him. Our dinner was a slightly sad one, but since then we've had a happy week and our satisfaction levels are only improving. Very much so.
My coming out as bisexual also wasn't as easy for him as I'd thought (this was secondary to the things that were bothering him). He was still processing it, but it's the coming out, and the subsequent facing and owning of my own sexuality, that has improved the aspects that were bothering him. None of his concerns were a deal-breaker for our marriage, but they did relate to our sex life. I carry a huge burden in this regard because of my failed relationship with Joseph, the poor guy; he either endured four years of bad, at times non-existent sex, or got good sex on the side. At this point in my life that doesn't matter, and if it was the latter option, I wouldn't blame him.

Anyway. Andrew and I are still going strong. My last entry was harsh, I know. The wish is honest but it is not something I would act upon. I'm quite happy with life as it is with him, and since we're on the topic, Andrew's helped me a lot with my sexuality and body-positivity. I've stopped experiencing sex as a chore or, worse, torture (literal torture, I'd think "so this is what rape feels like" in the middle of it), and I can finally enjoy it, have fun and experiment with it, be in charge of my own body. Bless Andrew, man.


I have finished my first draft of AF. I finished reading/editing yesterday. I can't say it's not a good story. It's amazing, I'm not even sorry. It'd be a fucking best-seller and, hey, five years from now, AF is going to be a huge, amazing movie. Which sounds delusional, but I embrace my delusions of grandeur and I like dreaming big. Let me be.


I'm getting my Aerosmith tattoo this Tuesday! Nephew #2 is coming to stay with us for a couple of months again! My niece is visiting us in July! A (married) couple of friends from Chile are coming this Sunday, too. They're coming only for a full day though, they are sightseeing around Europe.

I'm writing today, and not on Saturday as usual, so I can use tomorrow to write my column for the UK Latin American newspaper. This will be my fourth column and I don't know how they've been received by the public. This is a not a complaint, I haven't asked either. I'm afraid to ask. I thought my last column was a bit mediocre but the editor said it was excellent, so as long as he's happy, I'm not being sacked.

Ok, bye.

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