Changes for the better since last week.
Friday, 02.17.2017 - 8:01 pm.

This week was quite an improvement from the previous one:

- My body/mind has absorbed the tattoo as an essential part of me and I'm immensely happy with it; proud of it, even.

- The PhD went well this week. It can always go better but I made some progress, got some participants, that's always good.

- I keep making very basic contributions to the class that I have with the professor that I madly admire (it was a silly crush before, but now it's just...I want to be his peer). My ego has learned to get back on its feet quickly and I've resolved to continue participating until I fucking get it right.

- By the way, I'm writing tonight so I can work on my fortnightly column for the Latin newspaper tomorrow. It is fortnightly, as it is in the British context.

- I've been thinking that if I didn't have Andrew, I'd be longing for a relationship like the one I have with him. You see, Bowie and Iman's relationship melts my heart. Wait, listen. I die because of how, to quote Bowie, intolerably sexy they both are (I will not speak in past tense). However, I look at my own relationship with Andrew and I realize that I feel just as warm inside. We're not comparable in the looks, or talent or wealth departments, but I mean, my relationship with Andrew is also heart-melting. There's love and support and good times and joy. There's disagreements and fights, of course, but those are bumps that come and go.

I bring this up because of my whining a few weeks ago, about sometimes wanting to be single, especially now that I gave myself permission/became aware of what this thing I always felt really was (i.e. my sexual orientation). Both things don't cancel each other out, anyway. I'll always be attracted to other people and may want to be with a lot of them sometimes, but I wouldn't act upon those desires. Truthfully, I'm a very homely, monogamous person, so I'm as good as I can be.

- My parents still have cancer, that hasn't changed.

Ok, bye.

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