Don't freak out.
Friday, 06.09.2017 - 9:49 pm.

Right. The week has come. The week in which I'll meet Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. I received an e-mail with instructions so at least I know the M&G hasn't been cancelled, which was a fear of mine after reading the only decent Aerosmith forum I could find. 

It's been my dream for 20 years, meeting them. After all this time and getting informed, I don't have high expectations. I know you literally meet them, greet them, and then you go away; to somewhat shitty seats to boot. I just don't want to make a fool of myself. I don't want to babble or say something stupid. What do I say?! Thank you so much, you've been very important to me, you saved my life (they did make me steer in a certain direction and that crucial for me), I hope you have a happy life, take care of yourself. Is there anything I could say that they haven't heard before?

Andrew and I are leaving for Dublin on Tuesday at noon. The concert is on Wednesday. We're going to the Cliffs of Moher on Thursday, waking up that day is going to be ROUGH. Thursday is also Andrew's birthday. And we return on Friday afternoon. It's going to be hectic, I hope all goes well. 

Should I say something else about this?! I feel I should but it's been so long since I gave up my wildest fantasies about Aerosmith (they don't involve sex, that was unattainable even in my dreams, perhaps even unthinkable; they were holy). I was so crazy about them, I had a Dland diary with just letters to or about them; I still have the files but it would be too embarrassing to read them again. My teenage self would be just screaming, going mad. A part of me is, really, I feel I haven't functioned properly since June began. 

I guess it's a good thing being this restrained. It comes from a nuanced point of view. They're human beings. Don't freak out, don't touch them without permission, don't assume they care who you are. It's not difficult, I should just treat them like any other person, being polite and respectful. I suppose it's the best I can offer. 

I started packing for the trip today, mostly to try to take as few items as possible so we can take a small bag. Usually Andrew and I try to take just one bag for the both of us for these short trips. I ended up exhausted after packing, I have a headache. I am stressed about this, truthfully, about the concert, about meeting them, about the trip as a whole. This is supposed to be fun! I made a Simeon cartoon about how I'm just so nervous but no one will get it; few people read it, and those who know what's happening this week, don't read it. It was only for me, I guess. Isn't it always.

Change of subject: Andrew's birthday! It's on Thursday but we're going for breakfast tomorrow. He was kind enough to send me a wish list for his birthday, and I got him a Tiny Rick t-shirt, and a CD/DVD of an artist he loves, whom we will be seeing in September in the Netherlands (it's not my type of music, but Andrew bought tickets for the two of us; the guy seems pretty cool though); the CD case is signed by the artist, but that won't be a surprise for Andrew, as he himself sent me the request. Then a card, and the breakfast at a waffle/pancake house. Plus our little day trip to the Cliffs on Thursday.

Ok, so: Have fun! Enjoy the moment! Don't compare your experience to that of other fans who are able to track them down /find them on the street /get all of the autographs and pictures and have the band members remember their name.  You'll be lucky if Steven and Joe smile at you and that should be enough. 

God, I hope it's enough. 

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