Social fulfillment and exhaustion.
Saturday, 07.01.2017 - 6:04 pm.

This week was filled with after-hours social commitments: helping a fellow Psych PG Society committee member with a study, Pride training, birthdays, movie night with PhD folks, sightseeing with friends. It's been fulfilling but I'm exhausted.

I still have a birthday party tonight, and two events tomorrow happening at the same time, a fundraiser by the Chilean community and a picnic for Pride volunteers. I'm going to the latter because it'll be at the park where the event will be held and I need to be familiar with the place. I'm skipping the birthday party tonight. I have another one next Saturday, anyway. And the city's Pride for which I'm volunteering is on the same day as the Psych PG Society summer party, on July 29th. I'm going to Amsterdam for a conference in two weeks, and the week after that my niece is coming to visit(!!!!!). 

A friend from Chile stayed with us this week, too. He's been studying in Spain and is returning home in the next month. He's one of the closest friends Andrew and I have, we met him because he married one of Andrew's best friends from university. Unfortunately, he was visiting because it looks like they are separating. We didn't talk about that at all while he was here, he actually seemed to be in good spirits. He did speak of the future using "I" so I think it's a done deal. 

I'm still reeling about meeting Joe Perry and Steven Tyler. I go crazy with joy when I see the part of the photo where you can tell Steven is holding my hand, but this week's featured emotion is guilt. I know, it's the dumbest thing. I just feel bad for behaving like a basic fan but, in my defense, I really had no time in the M&G to be anything else than that. 

Lastly, shout-out to Andrew, who surprised me by buying me a Pride lanyard this week, since he noticed I never got the one promised after signing up for a university LGBT+ mailing list. He's so supportive of me, man. I think he also realizes we've been happier on certain fronts since I came out. It's been a win for the both of us. 

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