Working a lot and making little progress.
Friday, 04.09.2018 - 4:20 pm.

Lots of stuff to catch up on since I last wrote, two weeks ago, but I can be brief. Just watch me:

- I gave the lecture despite the strike. No picket lines to cross, blessed be. I underperformed, though, and instead of feeling relieved at the end of the lecture, I felt like a failure. But it's done, and that's extra cash. 

- The trip to Sweden was nice. I was worried about the "Beast from the East" storm, but besides a little delay in both my outgoing and incoming flights, on Thursday and Sunday respectively, I had no trouble traveling. Sweden was really cold though, -17º here and there, but my friend Michelle was a great hostess. Her almost one-year-old baby is very sweet and nice and came along with us to do the sightseeing. I came out to her as bi, which was a bit of a miracle because she talks a lot. Even her questions about me end up being about herself. She's a good friend, really, I just have to have patience sometimes and wait for her to turn around the conversation to the original topic.  

- After my return from Sweden on Sunday night, I slid nicely into Monday morning. I wasn't very tired, even though I'd travelled for nearly half a day on buses, trains and planes, with a headache and an impeding period.

- I've had a very productive week in which, I feel, I did quite a lot but made little progress in my PhD...and life in general, as there are some things I'm trying to accomplish without success so far. But the end of data collection might be in sight.

And now here I am. I'm about to submit my manuscript to a publishing house, but I'm struggling with making a summary of the story as they request. It's a simple story, I just don't want to give much of it away. I want to say I'm not expecting a positive response from the publishing house, but if I didn't have a little hope on the contrary I wouldn't even bother submitting it.  

Happy weekend! 

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