Have some more patience
Friday, 03.30.2018 - 10:42 pm.

This four-day week went by too quickly. No, wait...it went by at an appropriate speed. I got some things done regarding my PhD, right up until today at noon in which I figured out a couple of issues that have me a bit concerned. My research will hardly be a contribution, given all my non-significant results. I'm now trying to be at peace with that fact, and try to look ahead.

I have good ideas, you know, I just execute them poorly. I need to hire people to get me suitable participants, that's all. 

I just bought tickets for Andrew and me to see Labyrinth at the cinema! YES BOWIE ON THE BIG SCREEN! Except I thought the movie was tomorrow, and it's actually next Saturday. Shit, how did that small detail that is the freaking date flew right over my head? We can make it, anyway, it's just that we will just be beat from the night before, in which we'll be seeing...Jarvis Cocker on stage! 

I'm looking forward to that concert, except he's playing at a cavern in a village in the Peak District, and we couldn't find a place to spend the night. We'll have to catch a bus back to the city after the concert. That sounds cool, too. Unless we miss the bus, then we'll be screwed. 

Funny how my life has changed. I notice it right now in how I experience Holy Week in the present, compared to how I used to experience it when I lived in my home country, and then in Chile. The environment has changed, of course. I'm a believer because I can't help believing, but I'm not religious and currently Good Friday means mostly memories from my distant past. Some are nice, some are frustrating, like those from my years dating Joseph in which he went to the beach and I didn't go with him because...because I was terrified to ask my parents for permission and see the look on their faces, regardless of their answer? And maybe because I feared being into Joseph's world, with little control, while being so far away from my own? Boy, I do not miss those fucked up times.

Still no news from the publishing house regarding my manuscript. On Monday it'll be three weeks of me waiting. I know, that's not much in terms of publishers getting back to you, but I wish they'd tell me if they're actually considering it so I'd know I'm not wasting my patience.  

I'm a bit restless at the moment, I want to write a lot. I have many ideas for my Simeon comic, and a paper I want to comment on my Psych blog. Plus, I'm trying to come up with research on bisexuality (once you realize how invisible you are, you can't go back), and Brother #3 and I are working on a paper about same-sex marriage in a hellish country such as our own. I really love writing, but it's killing me how it takes ages since the word is committed to a surface until it reaches someone else's eyes. 

But now, sleep.  

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