A happy birthday and a medicated cat
Saturday, 06.16.2018 - 11:39 am.

It was Andrew's birthday yesterday! I took him for breakfast to a very nice café, friends from the PhD got him cake in the afternoon, and in the evening we had three of our closest friends over for Chilean hot dogs (Chileans would grunt at me for calling them hot dogs, but I'm just describing this food with a well-known reference). It was a nice, laid-back day all around. 

Andrew was pleased and it seems like he had a good time. He, likes me, prefers low-key events with few, close people. Still, it was a celebration day, intense enough for us to wake up a bit emotionally hungover this morning. But that's ok. 

Yesterday, also, we started medicating Marla, our black cat. She's been licking herself compulsively since we moved to the UK, for three years that is, to the point of losing all fur in the belly and hind legs. The vet ruled out any kind of physical pain and we returned to stress and anxiety. I think the dose hit her too hard, though.

It's strange, having a depressed cat, but that is sort of in line with her personality. She doesn't respond to toys, nor even to the laser. She only responds to food and demands it desperately, anxiously, every few hours. She didn't do the latter this morning for breakfast, however, like she's always done. It should have been a good sign, but her reaction was the complete opposite, she barely ate. It was her first dose, so maybe it hit her harder due to novelty, but we don't want to suppress *her* either, so we're still keeping an eye on her and figuring out the dose.  

This past Monday, I went to get my toothache checked. It wasn't nearly as bad as I feared, although it seems to be a root canal gone wrong and that is not good news either. I'll get checked next month again to see how it's going and my dentist will recommend a course of action.

Also, I started doing some jaw exercises at night and they seem to be working for my teeth grinding. It may be a placebo, it might be that I'm not at a strong teeth-grinding phase, or it is effectively working. I hope it's the first or the third, which are essentially one and the same. 

This week, I was waiting for a parcel in the mail. It came while I was at the university so the mailman left it with my neighbor. Inn the rare occasion that I'm expecting a parcel, I always send Andrew to get it, because I'm horribly shy and I'm embarrassed to just go knock on someone's door and ask for it. This time, Andrew wasn't having it, and told me to go get it myself. Which is a most reasonably reaction on his part, I can't argue with that. 

I summed up the courage to go next door, which took longer (seconds longer) because I had to go to the back door through the yard. The neighbor opened the door, I asked for my parcel, she handed it to me, and I said thank you very much. She was really nice, and that was it. But then I felt I was being rewarded for my tremendous courage of collecting my parcel next door, because I learned that my neighbor is a trans girl, which means my living environment is queering up, and that is wonderful. She looked undergrad-ish, though, and if she is, she's probably leaving soon as the semester is ending, and some of the houses near mine are student accommodations. Still, yay.  

Lastly, I got the stickers of my comic strips! They came later than expected and I was growing restless waiting for them. I loved them. They're very simple, nothing artistic, really, and could do better with vectors rather than pixels, but they're still cute. Hence, my Redbubble online store is now open. I do not expect any customers, given that the place is filled with outstanding artists and designers, but it feels good putting a price on what I do.

My drawings are simple and silly, yes. Their themes and conversations are a bit deeper and careful, but no one's paying attention to that. Regardless, what I do is a lot of work and fuck doing creative work for free...which I do anyway, because I enjoy it and I can afford it and I didn't start this for the wealth or fame, but yeah. Price isn't the same as value but it can help it.

Speaking of creative work, I'm off to do some of that. It seems my weekdays are for my hobby (Psychology, research) and my weekend is for what I feel is my real job. It's advisable that I don't quit my hobby, though.

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