A date involving Pride, rain and a party
Sunday, 07.29.2018 - 12:53 pm.

Just a quick update to get back on track with my update pattern: Yesterday was wonderful. It was very much a day-long date with Andrew.

We went to Pride at noon. I was happy to see that Andrew was loving the atmosphere. We missed the march, but there were lots of stall to check out. I put on like a cape the bi pride flag that he gave me after I came out to him, and everything was nice around us. We bought lunch from a food van, and headed out home before rain came pouring down. It rained on us only from the bus stop to our house, and we had a umbrella. 

We had coffee and pastries at home, watching the Joel McHale Show (yay!) while the storm passed. I missed this weather. I'm not one who complains about the rain or the cold here (partly because I do have a roof over my head), sunny days have been OK, but I grew up under the heat so at this moment in my life I can do without them.

(I hope rain also reaches my home country soon and it is not too late; people are losing their harvest)

After a few hours of rest, we went to the Psych Department summer party in the evening. It went well, too. Andrew and I sat near a few of our favorite people from the PhD, first in the pub's garden for a BBQ, and then in a room upstairs for drinks. 

The original Human Flaming Bag of Dog Poo showed up, and the second HFBoDP joined him afterwards. They both sat at another table, away from Andrew and me, and that was good enough. A third person, the candidate to also be called HFBoDP, did sit at our table.

The candidate was chatting the ear off of one of our friends, who's already a PhD and works at the Department now. We tried to rescue her from him and we sort of succeeded. She'd had a previous sour encounter with him, but she said this time around he was more civilized. Still, I overheard him a bit, and he's one of those guys who can't help bringing up "feminism" whenever they can. Ugh.

Regardless. Yesterday was a wonderful day, and I was happy and grateful to have Andrew to share it with.  

Tomorrow, Monday, my male Colombian crush and my female Mexican crush are coming over to watch the Love Island season finale with Andrew and me. Then, on Saturday I'm going to Brighton to visit (and meet face to face for the first time with) Anna! We'll see the Pride march and hang out and go places. I'm so excited and looking forward to it. My body is ready. 

Lastly, I've slightly gotten over my guilt about not traveling to see my parents for their 50th anniversary. Not entirely, of course, and I'm still thinking of rushing through the thesis writing to go see them soon. Plus, Brother #2 kept waiting for me to make plans to travel and see them too (plus, we'd see each other); I'm afraid I kept him from making his own plans, he could have travelled already and be with them on their anniversary. So yeah, I still feel like shit about this. My thesis had better turn out to be good. 

Let's end on a sweet note, though: After an eventful day outside, today is raining and Andrew and I get to spend our day at home. I wholeheartedly appreciate this. 

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