My sweet cat, dreaded paperwork, and dates (*air quotes*) with girls
Friday, Aug. 17, 2018 - 10:03 pm.

I'm ditching my plans for tonight to come and write in here. My big plan was to review the draft/finish the bisexuality article I'm submitting this Monday to a one-time magazine published by a major digital newspaper in my home country. A journalist from that newspaper interviewed me when one of my books of short stories came out, years ago, and thought of me to write about the lesser known non-heterosexual orientation.

Wow, that even sounds cool. 

I'm currently slightly sad and worried because Nico, my ginger cat, is at the vet's. He's had what we thought were stomach problems, but the vets (we've taken him a couple of times) haven't found anything and they recommended some tests. The tests killed our budget this month, but thankfully we have savings to get by. Neither Andrew nor I would hesitate to get answers and the best care possible for a member of our family, human or non-human. 

The good news is that it looks like it might not be something serious, but he's spending the night at the vet's just in case. Everyone who handles him comment on what a well-behaved cat he is. He's such a loving, sweet cat. I mean, he just probably shuts down out of stress and fear, but that helps when the vets need to handle him. Here's hoping he'll be back home tomorrow morning, I miss him so much. 

Another thing that blew our budget this week is my paperwork to keep my Chilean permanent residency while I'm living abroad. I have to do that paperwork once a year, and it used to be that I'd just mail the documents to London. Now I have to go to London to do the paperwork myself, because the country elected a new president recently so there are lots of changes, including embassy procedures. 

This. Fucking. Sucks. It's a day lost going to London, and the train ticket costs a ridiculous amount of money. I could have gone by bus, but that's an eight-hour round trip and I was already pissed off with the trip. Traveling comfortably and somewhat fast was my last attempt at feeling some control over this situation. 

Because, hey, I'll be facing the guy (AN EMBASSY REPRESENTATIVE) who, the first time I called to enquire about the paperwork years ago, told me that one of the requirements was submitting a "full-body photograph" of myself, and talked about my husband "not giving me permission" to come to London to do the paperwork myself. FUCK THAT GUY. After that, it's Andrew who makes the enquiry every year. And hey, my Chilean permanent residency is in this asshole's hands, so what can I do?

Hence I'm fucking dreading that trip. I can afford to skip a day of writing my thesis. I don't mind going to London. I enjoy riding the train and even the tube. But to face a harasser...please, spare me. I know I'm anticipating things that may not happen, but I have more evidence to be wary than to give the benefit of the doubt to men like him. 

Ugh, let's talk about girls. 

I may have scored a couple of coffee dates with two women I've crushed on hard, although by now I'm somewhat over them. First, I was at a housewarming party last Saturday, and M was there. She got a job in London starting in September and she'll be commuting every week. We agreed on going for coffee to catch up on this and other developments in our lives before she starts her job. 

Second, my Colombian girl crush (from my department) was at the housewarming party, too. A few months ago I posted a Goodreads update about a book I was reading, and she recommended me another book by the same author. Her recommendation was on point, I'm loving the book. Anyway, she said we should get together when I finish the book to discuss it. SCORE. I'm trying to finish it as soon as possible!

Aaand, on September 1st, I'll be hosting an all-female "wine-tasting event". It's a fancy name for four friends getting together to drink. Look at me, drinking socially. The three women I'm the closest to in the department, a 2nd year PhD student, a postdoc, and my current heart-stopping crush of a Mexican 4th year PhD student, are coming. I'm so looking forward to this. 

Lastly, I'm currently sore because I hate that my Simeon comic strip is ignored by the world, because I'm not getting any news about my manuscript from the publishing house, and because the paper I wrote with Brother #3 was returned with major corrections. But truly, these are minor inconveniences, comparing myself to what the vast majority of people in the world go through. 

This week I'm looking forward to having a friend staying with us for 10 days or so; she's one of Andrew's closest friends since they were undergrads, and she's now finishing her PhD in Spain. I'm also NOT looking forward to going to London for the embassy paperwork, but that's happening on Thursday, so there you go. 


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