Brief and snowy
Friday, Feb. 01, 2019 - 6:44 pm.

I'm in a writing mood tonight, but I hope not to spend it all here. Anyway, there isn't much new to tell.

Today I can literally say that my thesis was for yesterday. No one is pushing me on that, though, except myself. Now I'm hoping I can submit it no later than the last day of February. 

It's been snowing here, just about the right amount, I think. My tropical self is enjoying this weather, and these days I've walked to and from the office under the snow. So pretty. And so privileged of me to be able to enjoy it. 

This evening, Andrew and I stopped by for dinner at a pub on our way home. Like, not too long ago. We were coming down with thesis woes, but the food, the relaxed environment, and the detour from our routine changed our moods for the better. Also, I don't think we'd ever been at our neighborhood's pub on Friday evening. It was early, so it wasn't too crowded. There were party people warming up, and parents with children winding down. I really love this about the pubs, there's room for everyone. 

Lastly, today's the start of National LGBT History Month (in the UK)! I have no follow up to this. "Hey, I'm bi"?

That's it for the week. Stay warm or cold, depending on your hemisphere, and try to survive.

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