Art class crush
Friday, Mar. 08, 2019 - 10:16 pm.

It's International Women's Day! I didn't see anything about this day in this country, but women are commemorating everywhere and marching and fighting for our rights, and it's beautiful and powerful. Massive gratitude to all the women, cis and trans, who have fought, each in their own way, to make way for themselves and the rest of us in this world. 


Art class last Saturday was wonderful, so relaxing and enjoyable. The instructor is a very talented and friendly woman, a designer/artist of sorts. There were like 12 people in the class, just one of them a guy, and most of them women in their 60s. I loved the environment, and being in a non-academic social space was a breath of fresh air. The theme for this session was "objects" and we used charcoal, plus we learned just a bit of theory. 

The other people in the class are very talented, and most of them have had previous art training. The woman next to me had a killer eye for shadows and depth, and her charcoal drawing of a white mask was stunning. I felt a bit self-conscious about it all, but surprisingly, I was able to let go of that, and I just enjoyed doing my own thing. It just felt so good. 

Now, did I meet anyone, as the title of this entry suggests? 

Yes, I did. Not quite, but yes. 

When I was waiting for the bus to take me to the art house, I kept asking myself why did I sign up for this, and thinking I was just going to embarrass myself. Then a young woman came to the bus stop, and I automatically thought "oh, maybe she's going to the art class, too". Then the bus came, I said to her "after you", and she said the same thing to me. I thought she was cute. Then I went first because indeed I was at the bus stop first, and because no bus driver wants to waste time in a loop of politeness.

I got off the bus in the city centre, and she did, too. I didn't really see her, I just noticed someone walking behind me, and I sort of caught sight of the color of her coat as she crossed the street before me. I was a bit lost as to in which street I should turn to get to the art house, and in that moment of hesitation she disappeared. So I thought, nah, it's too much of a coincidence that we're going to the same place*.

*It's not, really.

I found the art house. The place itself filled me with joy, and it even has a café. I was directed upstairs, and soon enough everyone in the group saw each other's faces for the first time. She sat almost in front of me, in this big, rectangular table. Almost. The only guy in the class was right in front of me. She and I quickly glanced and smiled at each other, but to be honest, I wasn't 100% sure that she was the same girl from the bus stop. The coat was the same color, and she was just as cute, too. A young Carrie Fisher with red hair.

(I was only wondering if she was the same girl from the bus stop because when I saw her there, I did not make this Carrie Fisher comparison. It sounds like something I would have noticed right away. But then again, in true British fashion, I barely looked at her at the bus stop). 

During the round of introductions, I learned her name and what she does. I, of course, introduced myself to the group, and stammered and stumbled. Typical. Moving on, the class was great. She and I got the same painting to critique (now this was a coincidence).

I had the chance to talk to her before the class ended, when we were spraying our drawings. She, like the lady next to me, had a killer eye for shadows. I really liked what she had done. So she was outside the classroom spraying her drawing, and I was next to her waiting for my turn to do the same thing. "Say how much you like her drawing", my inner voice instructed me, "say how much you like it!".

I had the chance to talk to her, but I didn't do it. I. Just. Fucking. Couldn't. Utter. A. Word. When she was done, turned around and smiled and I smiled back. Then she handed me the spray and went back into the room.

At the end of the class, I stayed behind helping to clean up a few things. She was also taking her time to leave. This is me tricking myself into thinking that the interest was mutual, but let me have this. I kept thinking that "I'm going for a coffee, you wanna join me?" was a sensible approach in the event of becoming acquaintances, but that was not going to happen that Saturday. I stopped by the toilet on my way out and by then she had left. 

I walked around the city centre for a while before taking the bus home, just reflecting on the whole art class experience. It made me so happy, if not a bit sad over the fact that I'm talentless and I could never make a living through the arts. But I was overall happy. Crush-related failures aside, it was a beautiful day. The sun was out, and the city felt cheerful and vibrant. 

Anyway, I did keep thinking about her over the weekend, and until mid-week I was ragingly horny. I clocked in five orgasms by Monday morning, from either sex with Andrew, porn, self-care, or a combination of two out of the three. Hell, I'd see myself half-naked in the mirror and I'd make myself horny. To be fair, I'm looking smoking hot these days thanks to Tae Bo. 

It's art class tomorrow again! I doubt anything will happen with this girl, which is just as well. That will save Andrew and I awkward conversations (although, he does benefit from my sexual enthusiasm). I'm just looking forward to drawing more. 

Lastly, this week we're expecting a friends from Chile, a married couple. They're traveling around Europe, and will stay with us from Sunday to Thursday. One of them is Andrew's long-time friend. She's also a close friend of mine, and, equally important, our cats' vet. We owe her and her husband a lot, they're good friends of ours and they are keeping a bookcase filled with my books in their house in Chile. They've very much given us a room for our stuff four years. Andrew and I are always good hosts, but this time we have to be extra good. 

Ok, time for bed. Bye!

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