A sister and an unwanted visitor arriving soon
Friday, Apr. 12, 2019 - 6:37 pm.

I'm getting ready for having my sister over for the next two weeks. I'm so excited and looking forward to it, she arrives on Monday! 

Unfortunately, she comes with my aunt. I'll say it again: I don't even speak to her, except when I see her in person back home, and I did not invite her to come. My sister just said she wanted to come, too, and that was it. It's the same bullshit she pulled for my wedding. I told this to my friend Virginia and she put it in elegant words: "your family has boundary issues". Worse, she's not even my immediate family. 

I'm angry about this, but I don't know how to vent and with whom in my family; the nuclear one, the one I care about. And it's not like this can be fixed, they both have their plane tickets already. So I'm just sucking it up. 

Onto other news.

This week has been nice. I've been bouncing between the relief of having free time and the guilt of having free time. I've been trying to write some scientific papers out of my thesis, but that goes so goddamn slow. I also have a few non-academic writing projects, and that also goes so goddamn slow, too. I'm usually not rewarded for my writing efforts: if it's something I throw out to the world for free, it goes unnoticed; if it's something I submit for consideration of publication, it gets rejected. I'm overwhelmed with frustration and deeply hurt in my ego. 

Oh, but good news: Andrew submitted his thesis today! Now we're both awaiting to have the date of our exam set, and then we can make plans for what's left of our stay in the UK. Christ. 

Ok, I'm keeping this short today. Wish me luck with my sister and aunt. Or, if your wishes do move mountains, do wish for my aunt to decide to stay in Spain (where they're both stationed at the moment) and not come here. Honestly, I do not want her here, and I can't help feeling that she's already ruined my sister's visit. Oh, yes, I am quite bitter about this. 


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