Leaving is crushing me
Friday, Jul. 05, 2019 - 8:42 pm.

The idea, nay, the fact that we're leaving the UK is starting to hit me hard. As hard as I knew it would hit me years ago, when I came here and realized what an absolute delight this place was. It's safe, easy enough to get around but without the rush of big cities, with beautiful architecture, and so close to the countryside. I've been on the verge of tears every day this week.

Work is going slow. I'm halfway through my thesis corrections. I'm mostly concerned with domestic stuff: what we'll take, what we'll sell, and what we'll give away. I'm also concerned with saying proper goodbyes, so I'm contacting friends we've made here to arrange our last meals together. Andrew himself did not work on his thesis at all this week. He's been sorting out all the paperwork to fly our two cats back home, and to fly ourselves back home. He's also been firing emails to friends and colleagues asking about housing and job availability (not looking good so far).   

I had some spare cash from my trip to the US -I can thank my family for that-, so this week we've been treating ourselves nearly everyday. Nothing fancy, just going for coffee or a light meal to places we always said we'd go to, or just places that we'll deeply miss once we're back in the American continent. Andrew and I have been leaving the office at around 2, 2:30 pm almost everyday, to wander around the city centre. Except on Monday and Tuesday, when we went to the movies with friends. 

Andrew, like me, gets very emotional at the thought of leaving. I think by next week, he and I will burst into tears over breakfast. 

We should be leaving the UK the first week of September. I do not want to. Just for the record. Just let it be known. I do not want to leave. I'm eternally grateful for the chance of making this place my home for a few years, but the prospect of leaving is nonetheless crushing me. 

Ok! No more dwelling for now. 

My crush returned from Glasto ,and I sort of got over her. Until today, that is, because she looked devastatingly cute in a nice summer dress. It was the monthly drinking get-together of the PhD students today, and I almost attended just for her. But nah. 

Right. I'll go watch Love Island.

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