Waiting to move in, and a fucking useless woman
Friday, Dec. 06, 2019 - 8:21 pm.

At last, it's almost time for us to leave this house. I'm grateful for having had a roof waiting for us after coming back from the UK, of course. The place was comfortable enough. But it was too far away from everything, and it wasn't ours to change anything, not even to decorate.

We signed the lease on Monday, and that day it took us an hour and a half to get home because we encountered a protest in the city center.

On Tuesday we ran some errands that reminded us we don't have a lot of money to invest in our home yet, and we also got home very late.

On Wednesday, we were waiting in our office for some people to come to the apartment to take measures for a window. The apartment is right across the street from our office, so there'd be no problme. But by mid-afteroon the police forces closed that street, surrounded the university and gassed the students. The window people rescheduled for the next day. Andrew and I had to wait for a while to come out of our office and thus we also got home very late.

On Thursday I worked from home, being sick of commuting. The same situation as the day before happened, police surrounding uni and gassing students in the afternoon. This time Andrew had stayed in the office waiting for the internet technician to install the service. The technician didn't show up, although the window people did, by lunchtime. Andrew came home very late.

The week has gone by way too slowly. So much so, that in my mind I've been a day ahead since Tuesday. It's supposed to be Saturday today. We kind of ran this day, Friday, as it was a Saturday, dedicating half of the day to move some furniture to the apartment. We also did some shopping. We are short on funds so we're being picky choosing the urgent items over the nice ones, but hey, we found a pre-decorated Christmas tree on sale! I was coming to terms with not having one this year, but I do now!

I want to be at the apartment already, dammit. Time has gone by so slowly because here everything works in a faulty manner, and if you have an appointment with a service person or something, it's usually not at an specific hour and sometimes they just leave you hanging for days. Which is what happened with the window people (who came a day later) and the internet people (who came a day earlier(!), called Andrew to a phone number he doesn't have anymore, and finally reescheduled for tomorrow). That just pisses me off. It's unbelievable how much time is wasted here, it gets on my fucking nerves.

Also, it seems I missed my chance to adopt a child. I mean, fuck, you'd think that's the case based on the exchange over email I had this week with the representative from the adoption agency.

When I expressed interest in the adoption process in October, I got an email from this representative saying I'd been automatically signed up for the monthly informative meeting, and I'd be notified of the date. Chile blew up a few days later, and time went by. I was expecting an email but eventually I figured that maybe they'd cancelled these meetings for the time being.

I wrote this past Monday asking about the meetings. I said I understood the current situation was a bit problematic, but just in case, I was wondering if they had an estimate date for a meeting. The next day, I got a reply from the representative. I was glad she still responded quickly, but I was not prepared for her response:

"Hello. You were summoned to attend the meeting on November 29th".


And that was her whole message!

I was fucking LIVID. People in public service positions can be like this here (and in my country, too), but that's no fucking excuse. I mean, yeah, ok, AND? She makes it sound like I received the message about the meeting, confirmed my attendance, and then just casually decided not to show up. And that's it. Case closed. No acknowledgment that I'm asking because I DIDN'T FUCKING KNOW, let alone providing one fucking helpful comment, like what to do to make up for my missing the meeting.

I took a deep breath and wrote back politely. Hello, I was not contacted by anybody, I kept an eye on my phone and email, this is why I was writing. Then I asked her if she knew if there'd be a meeting in December, and/or if there was a phone number that I could call to confirm. Her response?

"There will not be a meeting in December. We need to reach the quota of 70 people to schedule a meeting".




That was her whole message.

I just broke down. That was on Tuesday, right after we'd been stuck in the bus, in the heat, in the city centre, for an hour and a half. Look, that I didn't mind, go protesters! Burn this government to the ground! But I was still tired and annoyed and frustrated due to having an apartment that would save us all that trouble but to which we still can't move in. And then I came to find the message of THIS FUCKING USELESS WOMAN carelessly closing the door on my wish to have a child with her incompetence at the basic skill of sharing information about the service she provides.

SO WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO, USELESS WOMAN? Do I submit another expression of interest from scratch? Can you squeeze me in the next meeting, whenever the fuck that is? How the fuck did you try to contact me since you're saying you did when I wasn't? Not a single slice of help. I was just shedding tears of anger and frustration. I'm gonna cry again if I keep talking about this.

Andrew just rubbed my back in silence as I sobbed uncontrollably, and then said he'll submit the expression of interest this time. I hope he does get the message, and I hope they won't schedule a meeting during the first two weeks of January while I'm in my home country.

I was, I am devastated about this. Absolutely heartbroken. Adoption is a long and difficult process, and now I haven't even started it nor I know when I will. I am sad and desperate that I missed the adoption meeting, but what's doing me in is how negligent this woman's response was. She didn't even register my concern about attending, and did not give me one hint of what to do next. I don't know what comes next or when. From her response, you'd think there's no next. I think the worst part of all this is that this asshole makes me feel like I blew my only chance at trying to have a child.

I'm gonna go pack stuff to get a sense of things moving forward. Oh, and we were going to move in on Monday, because that's when we'd get our bed and our kitchen and fridge, but today the store called and said they'll deliver them on Tuesday. You could say, like Andrew said: "hey, at least they called", but there you go. People here have a knack for screwing up your plans.

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