A nice, long weekend ahead
Friday, Jan. 24, 2020 - 5:00 pm.

It's the start of the weekend, and the start of a three-week break from uni *throws confetti* Universities here close for most of February. Summer vacation and all that. You couldn't even concentrate in class with this heat, anyway.

Quick follow-up to my last entry: Andrew did submit the adoption form the same day we talked about that. He wasn't as reluctant as I thought, I think mostly he just forgot. Well, LOL. So hey, the next adoption meeting is in March! Still a long way to go, but at least we're back to have taken the first step.

I signed my work contract for these three months this week. There was a mistake in the contract which led me to die inside for about an hour, although I kept thinking that my boss wouldn't put me in that position. Indeed, she hadn't. She remains a ray of sunshine in my academic life, she got the issue resolved, and I'm getting a fair pay. I still think that 44 hours is an excessive amount of time to work for anyone, don't let those Succesful Geniuses Who Never Sleep fool you. You need to rest, you need time for yourself.

I don't have any grand plans for these weeks, which feels great. Nevertheless: I'm taking an online course on human rights of LGBTI people; reading a few books and maybe writing a piece about one of those with Brother #3 for publication; writing a piece or two for the digital newspaper; and...drawing! Making my silly comics! Maybe preparing some stuff for my Redbubble store. Someone bought a sticker of my cats and I made a few cents. Clearly, I'm not in this for the money.

Tonight I'm looking forward to having a friend over for sushi and pisco sours, and maybe lots of Bowie. She's one of Andrew's closest friends since their undergrad years. I'd intended to come out to this friend for a while, but then it turned out she already knew because, I guess, she'd read my piece on bisexuality. Funny.

This entry shall remain short and sweet. Have a good weekend! Mine is bound to be, as it will last three weeks.

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