Coffee, research, and coming out.
Saturday, May. 09, 2020 - 12:16 pm.

For a couple of days after lockdown was lifted in this city last weekend, I started to feel a bit relaxed. I started to think about going out to buy groceries or stuff for the house, and looking forward to dressing up and putting on make up to go back to university. But I quickly returned to reality every time. Nothing has changed. Moreover, luckily, my university will function fully online until further notice.

I've thus remained home like I should, except for one day that I crossed the street to buy coffee at the gas station. The coffee was terrible enough to make me want to stay inside for two more months.

It's business as usual for me, thankfully. I'm working on my boss' research as my main job, working on my boss' side research as a side gig, and working on a few of my own research interests too. I'm guessin it'll take me a few years to truly consolidate the line of research I want, if I even manage to get it off the ground. I'm in a bit of a hurry because academia is ruthless and my self-esteem collapses whenever I see colleagues flaunting their stuff (which is not a bad thing to do!), but personally, I have no rush.

I'm just going to make this quick because I'm talking to a new friend I made. She's a friend of my friend Virginia; she lives in Canada and it turns out that she lives in the same city and is also a friend of an old friend of mine from high school (who was probably featured prominently in this diary in my high school days), who's in turn married to a classmate of mine from university. My homeland, man, so fucking small. And all the people in this paragraph are gay.

Anyway! I'm elated. We've been following each other on Twitter for a while, and interacting more and more as time goes by, and this week we moved on to WA. I say I'm elated because I'm always craving LGBT friends. We're exchanging life stories (including coming out stories!), and it just feels natural and honest, and it feels nice.

Oh, I also came out to one of my thesis groups this week! I feel kind of bad because the group I did not come out to actually scheduled a videoconference with me just to "get to know one another", and I didn't tell them. To be honest, I feel it's a weird thing to bring up without any prompt. I came out to the other group during our videoconference because it made sense in the context of our supervision meeting. This context included an interesting conversation about being careful, as researchers, to not impose our own point of view when talking about marginalized groups to which we do not belong. It was great coming out to them. It was also not a big deal. The kids are all right.

Have I said I feel ragingly bisexual these days? I just remembered I did in my last entry. Well, there you have it again.

Ok. Be well, be safe.

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