Missing my old British home but I'm doing OK
Saturday, Aug. 01, 2020 - 5:24 pm.

I don't think I have anything relevant to write about. Life's been going very well, a major statement considering the pandemic, even after all these months.

We're entering the last month of winter. Soon it'll be a year since Andrew and I moved back from the UK. We break into a whimper and often full-on tears every day when we come across any pictures from our city or the island in general on social media. I feel this urge to go back, I can't believe I lived there, and I can't believe I don't live there anymore and will never do again. It's physically painful. Sheffield was my home. All the homes I count in my life have been warm and welcoming, and still this city was the best of them all.

Like I said, though, everything's going well here. I always take my time to appreciate and give thanks for that. Andrew's ok, my girlfriend's ok, friends and family are ok. I have everything I need in my apartment, I don't feel the need to go out at all.

I do wish my book was coming out soon, though, but I haven't heard back from the publishing house yet. I read over my contract and they don't give a timeframe to get working on it. I'm still scared this all may be a very elaborate scam but re-reading the contract eased my mind a bit. I'll give them a few more weeks, I guess.

Also, it's no big deal, I guess. It's not like I have fans out there waiting for any output from me.

I'm rambling but hey, it actually feels nice to not have a lot to say.

Stay safe.

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