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Saturday, Oct. 03, 2020 - 3:37 pm.

Things Keep Happening:

One, my book is coming out on October 20th(!!!!!!!!). It could be a huge success, a major flop, or, most likely, a moderately appreciated piece of work.

I've practiced the art of letting go with it, as once I got confirmation that it was going into printing, I started to regret some things and coming up with ways to improve it. My mantra is "Frankly? No one cares. And since no one has access to your thoughts, they won't know the difference between what you wrote and what you're now thinking you should've written". I've been doing ok with that.

Two, this month we'll have three adoption workshops, one per week starting this week. They will be conducted online and we've been sent some forms to fill out in advance. One's a question about how I imagine my child to be, and the others are about a case of an abused young woman who ended up having her kid given up for adoption. Lots of intergenerational trauma there, so if this is the mother of my kid and they ask me what I think about her, I'll just say that the poor girl never stood a chance.

I am somewhat excited, it feels that now the adoption process is actually starting. I'm terrified of having a child, particularly In This Economy, but also, I can't wait to read them "Little people, big dreams: David Bowie".

Lastly, three, I have four conferences lined up. Two are in November, related to my job and my boss' research: one's a Psych Conference, the other a talk to Food and Nutrition students. Then I have another talk about LGBTI issues from an academic standpoint in October, though I still don't know what exactly about. And a fourth one also in November, a conversation among Central American writers for a Literary Conference. The latter is not very thrilling, but I appreciate that anyone thinks I'm a writer and by then I'll have a book to sell.

Oh, my dad turned 84 years old this week. I was so happy to call him and find him in a good mood. Brother #1 was visiting home this week, and while my dad can be back-handedly dismissive of the siblings that aren't Brother #2, he also loves his children and appreciated the change in the routine, as well as getting lots of love. And not to speak about my mom, who REALLY needed a break from lockdown life.

Other than that, all's well. I'm chronically exhausted, but still in a good place.

I think I'm gonna go and finish the adoption form.

Stay safe.

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