Summer break and ending the academic year
Saturday, Jan. 30, 2021 - 10:40 am.

We finally made it to the summer break! Three or four weeks (I have to check) of having time to myself, to do whatever I want...

...Which won't be any different than what I already do when I'm working, only throughout the day instead that during evenings and weekends. There will be a few papers in the works, too, but out of my own volition and enjoyment. They'll count as work for indicators as a big plus, but it was nothing I *had* to do (I mean, I felt compelled to doing it, but it was not tied to a paid job).

January marks the end of the academic year, and I feel immensely privileged to say that this year was a good one, better than expected. I spent this last week of work on the very demanding task of putting together the Ethics application for my research grant. It was energy- and time-consuming, but I'm happy with all the doors that are opening for me, and so excited to get back to them after I get proper rest.

Here I gotta mention my boss with gratitude. She's my sponsoring researcher for this grant, and an endless source of support and advice now that I have my own research funding. She keeps helping me to open doors and encourages me to get out of my comfort zone in academia. I'm also learning first-hand (after mostly being a witness) the frustration of the inner politics of Big Fish academics, specially when you are a little fish, but I feel safer with my boss on my side.

This week, also, I presented my book online. I'm grateful for also finding a few people in the literary world (even if that world is a bit exhausting) who believe in me enough to put together this event. I try to make my work worthy of support and it's heartwarming when it's actually noticed, which doesn't happen a lot, if you can tell by all my whining in this diary. Andrew, my family, my girlfriend, and some friends were excited for me and watched the event online, which was just humbling and warmed my heart even more.

Other quick stuff: now that I have secured a position until early 2024, Andrew and I have started talking about buying a house. Nothing in the immediate future, maybe in a year or so, but he's asking friends who have done it to get an idea of the process. Also, we got more paperwork from the adoption agency, it's time for psychological and overall health assessments.

I got some extra cash as a reward for being immersed in academic precarity last year, so I'm gonna go make a donation to a group of women workers who are on a hunger strike in my home country. I get so desperate seeing so many people struggling, truly life-or-death matters, and right now I'm in one of those moments in which I can afford to put my money where my mouth is.

Be well, stay safe, look after yourself (and after others if you can).

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